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Hosted dialler

rostrvm hosted dialler provides automated, multichannel outbound contact to ensure you meet commitments to your customers and stay in touch.

Our hosted dialler can be set to reach your customers at the right time to achieve live connections and successful business outcomes.

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Whatever your business requirement – making appointments, sales, delivering reminders or self-service links etc. – our dialler can be set to do it for you, so your staff can focus on key tasks. It enables you to ‘do more with less’ when resources are stretched and will ensure customers and contacts receive communications at the right time.

Our hosted dialler will deliver information your customer wants or needs to hear.

You can expect our dialler to double your performance compared to well organised, manual outbound dialling – and in operations where dialling is less structured – such as when advisors select which calls to make from a spreadsheet for example, it’s possible to see productivity gains of 300%.

Our hosted dialler technology applies structure to outbound campaigns using powerful data and process management facilities – and functions include list filters, redial rules and required call times. For example, call backs can be automated with rostrvm OutBound’s redial rules or by the agents in the contact centre during an inbound or outbound call.

Multichannel requests for contact can be fed into the dialler to deliver a fast, personal response to customers. The dialler presents an available agent with a suitable live connection at the right time, so they don’t waste a moment.

Using a hosted dialler also enables you to use channel shift to ‘meet’ contacts on their chosen channel and take them to where you want them to be. For example, you can channel shift inbound calls to outbound text messages or emails, which provide the callers with a fast way to get the answer they need. This might be a link to your website where they can self-serve for example.

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