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Hosted contact centre

A hosted contact centre from Rostrvm Solutions provides businesses with a powerful, flexible, platform – on site or in the cloud – for effectively engaging with customers. Our user-friendly, multichannel product is feature-rich and will enable you to change requirements as your business evolves.

Our hosted contact centre business solutions are the user-friendly way to engage with customers inbound and outbound, with full real-time and historic reporting and desktop optimisation features.

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Rostrvm Solutions has many years’ experience working across both the public and private sectors, with a wide range of organisations, both large and small, and we listen to individual business needs carefully before personally configuring each hosted contact centre solution.

rostrvm allows you to focus on achieving the important goals like great business outcomes rather than being slaves to the way your IT systems work. In fact, we’ve been told that our software is a breath of fresh air because it actually does everything it says ‘on the tin’ – and is flexible enough to accommodate changing needs going forward.

Key benefits are:

  • You don’t have to replace your existing systems as our contact centre software overlays them – and you can enhance features and add new ones.
  • Our ‘one-stop-shop’ of properly integrated, intuitive tools are responsive to your needs and let you ‘do more with less’ by automating inbound and outbound tasks effectively to please both your customers and staff.
  • You can set multichannel contact strategies that can engage with people where they are at the right time, in the right way, with the right results.
  • Features include intelligent IVR and routing, integrated channels – email, text, chat, social, web chat, self-serve, call back, contact recording, powerful Outbound dialler capabilities.
  • Blend and cross over channels seamlessly.
  • rostrvm user-friendly interfaces and dashboards provide a single customer view.
  • Full desktop optimisation apps to rationalise messy desktops and integrate with CRM and back office processes.
  • Real-time and historical management information that enables you to analyse and measure performance and maximise effectiveness to provide an efficient, joined-up service.

So whether you’re looking for fully blended Inbound and Outbound multichannel communication capabilities, or something more simple, speak to us – it’s a lot easier to serve other people when your tech is serving you well.

See us in action and go ‘wow’!

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