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Hosted call centre

rostrvm hosted call centre software is packed with powerful features which will enable your business to evolve and grow, as needs dictate, supported by our team of experts.

Our hosted call centre software is user-friendly and has won awards. We can help your contact centre win too: delight staff and customers and achieve business goals with effective tools inbound and outbound.

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Major business benefits include:

Our wide-ranging experience in the call centre industry

Rostrvm Solutions is a British provider of enterprise-class call and contact centre solutions, through our award-winning multichannel platform. We work across many sectors and different business sizes and use our extensive experience to ensure our product fits your business. We don’t believe ‘one size fits all’ – it’s about listening carefully to your requirements, sharing ideas and then putting our knowledge and skills into creating and tailoring a solution that will work now – and take you into the future.

We offer a variety of commercial arrangements and have an amazing team of people in support and R&D who are always willing to help – see our case studies and testimonials for examples.

Intuitive and user-friendly interfaces

rostrvm is agile and rich in features to provide full multichannel capabilities inbound and outbound. It will overlay existing infrastructure and integrates seamlessly with existing business systems like CRM. The result is that everything is in one place for your staff to easily and confidently help customers and engage with contacts using a single view on their desktops.

rostrvm is flexible multichannel

With rostrvm you can blend, cross over channels and provide a seamless service to customers and contacts.

  • Integrated, multichannel blending can increase agent productivity, streamline staffing and improve customer service when advisors are switched to different tasks at the right time. It’s typically used to either change advisors across to say, outbound, if inbound traffic is low, to maximise resources. It’s also used across different communication channels – such as combining telephone activity with handling emails, text messages and social media.
  • Channel shift is all about meeting contacts where they are and taking them to where you want them to be. For example, you can shift inbound calls across to outbound text messages or emails. This might work if you want to provide callers with a fast way to get the answer they need, like sending them a link to your website where they can self-serve.
  • Remote working – from home or multi-site, using single or multichannel, is easy with rostrvm and you don’t have to be technically minded. It ensures the contact centre always remains fully operational despite disruptive events like adverse weather and illness. It can save office costs, provide flexible solutions for staff – and will help customers to receive an uninterrupted service.

Award-winning rostrvm outbound dialler

Our award-winning dialler can be set to make outbound contact at the best time (using Precision Dialling), in the right way. It will allow your business to do more with your resources. For example, Midland Heart won the ‘Most Innovative Housing IT System’ category with rostrvm because the dialler increased contact with customers by phone and text message and saved their busy team from doing tasks that could be automated effectively. The dialler provided a 300% rise in contact and saved having to recruit many more staff.

Intelligent inbound services

Be there for your customers, keep your promises and reduce abandoned calls by using our inbound call and contact handling services, including:

Management information for a quality performance

rostrvm tailored dashboards and reports enable you to analyse, measure and make changes to your call centre to achieve effective operational performance and enviable business outcomes.

You can track and record communications and share information in a proactive way with your staff. Our performance management tools deliver:

  • Contact centre and back office performance metrics.
  • Business outcome and real-time and historical management information – inbound and outbound across all contact media and supporting business processes.
  • Call and screen recording for compliance and quality assessment.

See us in action and go ‘wow’!

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      We will never share your information without your consent.

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