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Cloud dialler

rostrvm cloud dialler is a powerful and flexible outbound dialler, which will improve contact centre productivity and reduce costs. It will increase successful multichannel outbound contact and engagement.

Our cloud dialler provides numerous business benefits and can be set to reach your contacts at the right time to achieve results.

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Top 10 benefits of a rostrvm Cloud dialler

Whether you’re looking to upgrade an existing system or start from new, the advantages to your business of using an automated cloud dialler are many, whether for sales, collections, retentions, making appointments …

  1. The beauty of our cloud dialler is that it’s fast to deploy and there are no sizeable maintenance and upgrade costs. It can be integrated with your other business systems, like CRM.
  2. It’s fully compliant with regulations.
  3. The rostrvm dialler functions are user friendly, flexible and scalable, so different features can be switched on when required, as your business needs change and evolve.
  4. You can try ideas in a pilot on the cloud dialler, before rolling them out. This might be an outbound campaign with Precision Dialling, for example (which allows you to make contact at the right time, on the right medium, with the right message to achieve results).
  5. You can use the cloud dialler remotely – wherever there is an internet connection – so working from home can be set up easily for example.
  6. With the cloud dialler’s performance management tools added, managers can monitor and adjust operations and campaigns any time, from any device. They can blend advisors on inbound and outbound services.
  7. Our cloud dialler allows the contact centre to react to unforeseen events or seasonal variations rapidly and make changes – it ensures you’re proactive not reactive and will help you mitigate risks.
  8. Your staff can concentrate on key tasks while our cloud dialler delivers information your contacts want or need to hear, enabling you to ‘do more with less’ when resources are tight.
  9. You can expect our cloud dialler to double your performance compared to well organised, manual outbound dialling – and in operations where dialling is less structured – such as when advisors select which calls to make from a spreadsheet for example, it’s possible to see productivity gains of 300%.
  10. You can choose the mode that works best for your contact centre to maximise agent productivity – that might be a mix of predictive dialling, preview dialling and manual dialling.

Talk to us about your business requirements and we’ll provide the cloud dialler solution to ensure your ROI.

See us in action and go ‘wow’!

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