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Cloud Contact Centre

Our cloud contact centre software is easy to deploy and overlays your existing infrastructure to deliver everything that a traditional on-site set-up can do and more.

Our cloud contact centre service helps you communicate with customers and contacts in a cost-effective way, inbound and outbound, multichannel.

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The financial benefits

When implementing a cloud contact centre, the network equipment, telephone lines, internet services and servers are provided and managed by us. This reduces significantly the start-up costs and implementation time, so Return on Investment (ROI) can be seen rapidly.

Where cloud truly excels is with its flexibility and it enables contact centres to accommodate rapidly-changing contact requirements and fluctuating traffic profiles. It’s completely scalable – perfect for conducting pilot tests of campaigns and services before committing fully to them.

Cloud works anywhere there’s an internet connection so it’s great for offices with more than one site which need to have an integrated, fully functional system. It’s equally perfect for single sites – and for homeworkers. It’s ideal to give staff flexibility and also to tackle disruptions like illness and adverse weather conditions because you just log in to your usual contact centre system. Managers can monitor operations anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Steps to a cloud contact centre that delights users and customers

A wide range of industry sectors and different-sized organisations use our cloud service and you can too, with these steps:

  • Talk to us early about your short-and long-term objectives so that we can work with you, in partnership, to get where you want to be.
  • Make sure you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and what success looks like. We’ll help you cover all bases so that the business case is clear and compelling. Unlike some, we have years of experience in the industry and will tailor the right product to fit your needs – it may be cloud but that doesn’t mean everyone should have the same.
  • Prepare a list of how your current systems are customised and integrated. We’ll ensure rostrvm works with your existing infrastructure to provide your staff and customers with a seamless service.
  • Features included advanced intelligent inbound solutions, outbound dialler, desktop optimisation and performance management tools.
  • Find out about our flexible payment options for use of our cloud contact centre service – again, we realise every business is different and we accommodate this.
  • We’ll provide full support at every stage from consultation, to project delivery, to on-going service. Talk to our customers and they’ll tell you we’re reliable, helpful and proactive. We’re even a friendly bunch – what more can you ask?!

See us in action and go ‘wow’!

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