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Cloud call centre

A cloud call centre from Rostrvm Solutions provides scalability, with lower outlay and maintenance costs. It’s fast to deploy in comparison to some alternatives.

Our cloud call centre business solutions are the cost-effective, user-friendly way to engage with customers inbound and outbound, with full real-time and historic reporting and desktop optimisation features. Here are our 10 tips for creating a successful cloud call centre …

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10 tips for creating a successful cloud call centre

rostrvm’s enterprise-ready platform includes complete cloud call centre features, including intuitive, high-performing and flexible tools, which will maximise your resources and take you into the future as your business needs change. You can:

  1. Keep existing systems which work for your business and rostrvm software will overlay them to provide a reliable, fully compliant, secure cloud solution.
  2. Integrate rostrvm seamlessly with CRM systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.
  3. Use the scalability benefit of cloud to change capacity based on business need.
  4. Switch campaigns on and off – particularly useful for trialling new services and features.
  5. Handle diverse call flows with intelligent routing to the most relevant advisors.
  6. Manage peaks in call volumes with effective call queueing: giving customers the choice of either keeping their position without having to stay on the line, or having a call back from an advisor at a convenient time. You can also prioritise some call queues in front of others. These features will reduce abandoned calls, improve customer service and increase business success.
  7. Utilise rostrvm blended dialling, which enables you to ‘do more with less resources’, increases business productivity and fulfils your ‘call me’ and web form requests. Our outbound diallers enable a compliant, structured approach and make contact at the right time. Set the dialler to do tasks like appointment setting and calling with reminders and renewals; send texts and emails with self-service links, increase sales and collection rates and reduce arrears.
  8. Integrate multiple sites and homeworkers into one intelligent system, so your cloud call centre will be able to operate smoothly. All staff will have access to everything they need, wherever they are. It’s great for combating adverse weather conditions and other disruptions too.
  9. Provide agents and advisors with integrated records, giving one single customer view via a screen pop right from the start of each contact, and appropriate confidence-giving scripts and prompts.
  10. Use call and screen recording so that you can monitor the quality of your service – both for checking individual conversations and for staff training. View and utilise real time and historical management information to manage your call centre performance and make changes as required.

In summary, rostrvm cloud call centre provides all the flexibility you need to run an efficient call centre that both customers and staff will benefit from.

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