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How to channel shift – the benefits

Rostrvm Solutions’ next generation, user-friendly contact centre platform enables you to offer channel shift as part of your customer service. It can be deployed on-site or in the Cloud and integrates with all systems.

rostrvm is feature-rich and agile, to provide a wide range of channel shift options.

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8 tips for implementing a channel shift strategy:

  1. Plan ahead. It’s important to consider all angles before rolling the initiative out, to ensure it suits both business and customer.
  2. Check that your existing system will accommodate channel shift well; remove silos so that the channels are properly integrated.
  3. Have a thorough understanding of how your customers use the different channels before introducing channel shift. Will they find the new arrangement useful and easy?
  4. Train staff to be ready to work with the new initiative – they need to feel confident using different channels. Talk them through how interaction with things like Chat bots and automated self-service options will work.
  5. Clearly communicate the advantages of the channel shift to your customers – some people don’t like change, so consider your tactics carefully and provide guidance.
  6. The written word does not always translate with the same nuances as speech and can be misunderstood, so be careful how you use your channels. Phone and a human voice is always best to deal with complex customer issues.
  7. Make sure customers know they have a choice and can still get access to human help and support fast if they need it. For example, online self-serve with a telephone option available as back-up.
  8. Trial a channel shift service before rolling out a big change.


  • Automated services will shoulder some of the workload so your contact centre can achieve more.
  • Channel shift is a great way to reduce queues.
  • You don’t have to stay on the channel a customer chose to communicate with you on. Use channel shift to meet them where they are and take them to where you want them to be. For example, to reduce your inbound queue, use Interactive Voice Messaging to tell them how to find an answer on your website or, if they send you an email, utilise intelligent dialler technology to call them back and add that personal touch.

Rostrvm Solutions is a British software company and we’ll provide what you need now – and going forward.

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