Successful contact centres are those that have the technology and people to be able to adapt rapidly to changing demands – and that doesn’t have to mean constantly spending more – says Rostrvm Solutions, contact centre software developer.

Doing a thorough overview of the contact centre in terms of what it is trying to achieve, who/what is needed to meet those aims, technology requirements and available budget is the starting point. Sticking to your strengths and speaking to experts who can assist in weaker areas is crucial to gaining a full picture before making any improvements.

Ken Reid of Rostrvm Solutions says, “Having the right mix of people and technology to be flexible is key to optimising resources and reducing expenditure. Contact centre customers still expect to be able to speak to a human being quickly and easily despite the huge growth in web facilities, so blending (swapping staff over to different tasks during down times) will ensure that agents’ skills and time are maximised. Modern software which enables blending will help to keep customers – and staff – happy.”

The rostrvm Prophet contact centre consulting methodology ensures that your contact centre operates to its optimum performance. Our consultants can help when you are first planning the enhancement of your contact centre operation, or used by existing contact centres to identify areas that require further optimisation.