Your inbound contact is from people who want or need to contact you and how you respond to them can make or break your reputation and business. Providing a great customer experience inbound is crucial.

5 Tips for a successful Inbound service

1. Plan a sensible strategy for your inbound operation going forward. Take a step back and look at your service: what challenges and weaknesses are there? Look at it from your customers’ view – what do they want and how can you improve? Involve your staff in the planning, especially front-line agents. Consider all aspects and remember that using technology can help you do more with less.

2. Reducing queues is one of the biggest challenges as we all hate waiting. Be honest with your customers about the length of their likely wait and offer call-back options on your IVR to give them control. This allows them to choose to be contacted later or hang up but reserve their place in the queue. Train staff to help with multiple query types across all your channels too, so customers don’t have to be passed around.

3. Integrate your CRM with inbound contact technology to streamline the multichannel process, centralise all contact information and give agents a single view of customers. An automated, intelligent call-routing system ensures your customers receive a more personal service. It will use information such as called number (DNIS), calling number (CLI), email address and subject, date and time etc. and make the details available to the most appropriate agent before they even connect to that contact.

4. Use multiple inbound channels but channel shift to help customers in a way that suits them, – but also works for your contact centre. ‘Meet’ customers on their chosen channel and take them to where you want them to be. A transaction that started on web chat may need to be transferred to phone if it’s a detailed support enquiry or a complex sales issue, so make it easy to seamlessly transfer to phone. Or your IVR might provide queuing callers with a link to your website where they can self-serve.

5. Use dynamic scripting for your contact centre team to base their conversations with customers around. It can boost performance, ensure compliance and help to achieve higher first call resolution rates. Scripts can be personalised and modified.

Getting your inbound service right doesn’t have to be a monumental, costly task – talk to us and we can help you find an excellent solution.

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