In business, time is money and you can do more to leverage the benefits of high-quality tech in your multichannel contact centre to save both.

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Seeing the wood from the trees with multichannel contact centre technology

In the bid to achieve business goals, procurement teams often procrastinate over investing in new tech – for good reason – because it should be a rewarding, long-term investment and you want to get it right.

But that’s not a reason to do nothing. Many contact centres are struggling to maintain competitive edge and need to take action. If you don’t deploy a quality, omnichannel solution as part of a long-term multichannel strategy, it’s a bit like ‘Game of Thrones’: everyone is fighting for the prize but have failed to tackle the biggest challenge coming their way.

You need a robust, reliable, secure omnichannel system that will allow your business to scale and grow. To enable reliably great multichannel customer contact inbound and outbound, you want a solution that integrates with your existing infrastructure and adds value, offering rich features and flexibility. This is crucial, because, using the ‘Game of Thrones’ analogy again, users want their independence; they want tech that doesn’t constrain and limit them. It has to empower them and to do that it has to be user-friendly.

Our tech is your everyday helper
We focus on innovating next generation multichannel technology that acts as an everyday helper and saves you time. We listen to our customers and tailor our products’ capabilities and features from their perspective: how they will be using it – and how it can help them win and retain business.

rostrvm doesn’t have supernatural powers but it is based on the latest automated technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to improve both the customer experience and engagement. It brings people and tech together to create a magical synergy.

• It integrates with CRM and knowledge bases to provide advisors with more information.
• It shoulders boring, repetitive tasks so that your team can concentrate on other pressing challenges and, as part of your people development strategy, it can help improve job satisfaction.

There has been plenty written about the need for joined-up tech, that ensures channels are connected and the contact centre team can see the whole customer journey. Our multichannel contact centre platform does all this but also works to help you transform your workplace in a straightforward way. No battles or dragons – but you’ll see a leap in productivity and efficiency and a return on investment, as you gain competitive advantage.

With us, summer is coming!

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