If your contact centre is being flooded by phone calls and messages and you’re short of resources, make sure you’re making the most of your available agents with innovative use of call centre technology. Try these solutions from software developer Rostrvm:

Blending tasks in the contact centre ensures greater output is gained from the same number of staff because agents can be switched to tasks according to demand. Managers can fine-tune the balance between real-time resource availability and demand across multiple media and numerous tasks. Staff can be switched rapidly, which means they can help deal with events like extra calls during bad weather.

Blending doesn’t have to be just about combining inbound and outbound telephone calls – it can also be used for combining calls with emails, web chat, Facebook and Twitter for example.

QueueBack and CallBack will help you to manage your call centre queues and meet your customer expectations, so they don’t get frustrated.

  • QueueBack allows a caller on an inbound queue to hang up but “maintain” their position in the queue, so they can get on with other tasks whilst waiting to be answered.
  • CallBack asks callers      to leave their details, so that they can receive a call back at a later      time, rather than be held in a tiresome queue.

Many contact centres can reap the benefits of effective technology like this, as it helps keep customers happy and doesn’t cost a fortune to implement. Local authorities, insurance companies and utility firms  – who are struggling to use limited budgets and resources to protect essential services and help people through hard times – are all using these types of solutions successfully.