A cloud platform offers the ability to engage successfully in all areas of customer contact, regardless of the place, time or channel.

Benefits of cloud for customer contact

As the lead-up to the festive season starts, organisations everywhere are bracing themselves to cope with increases in inbound customer contact – and associated outbound activity.

Having a cloud platform can make customer service operations much smoother, especially when  engaging with people during peaks in demand.

Implementing a cloud platform doesn’t take long and the variety of apps available make connecting systems and processes straightforward. Cloud is also available on attractive commercial terms, with little upfront investment required for hardware and software. You can realise a rapid ROI.

7 benefits of cloud for customer contact

1. It’s fully scalable to the changing needs of the contact centre. You can scale functions up or down as needs dictate.
2. It provides flexible working options to staff – they can log in remotely using a standard internet connection from anywhere. You have the capability to bring in more advisors during rises in contact volumes.
3. New features, functionality and upgrades can be deployed rapidly and cost-effectively.
4. Cloud makes customer contact easier across multiple channels.
5. It makes it simpler to leverage the data collected from multichannel interactions, to personalise customer contact.
6. Managers can log on from anywhere, anytime, to view performance metrics and reports. They can then make informed improvements; eg: changes to intelligent routing, blending to balance out the workload, etc.
7. You can trial new products, services and campaigns easily in cloud.

These are just a few of the key advantages of deploying cloud for customer contact. Have a chat with us and we’ll tell you how we can tailor it for your requirements.

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