New rostrvm release heralds a customer service revolution.

The latest call centre offering from Rostrvm Solutions represents a significant milestone in the call centre industry by providing enterprises with the capability to automatically route calls beyond the four walls of the contact centre to specialists located across the enterprise, equipped with the expertise required to handle complex customer enquiries in a single call.

This latest rostrvm release addresses the needs of today’s customer service environment, where the increasing availability of consumer self service methods such as the internet and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems means that more and more basic activities never reach a call centre agent. As a result, the calls that do reach agents are the more complex enquiries which may require very specific skills to deliver a complete answer.

In this new environment the specialists needed to deal with complex customer enquiries often have multi-faceted job roles; handling customer enquiries is just one task in a busy day. The new rostrvm release offers the potential to revolutionise customer service by allowing the call centre to utilise all available resources to support contact handling, including the sales office, the back office, and even staff out in the field, while maintaining the management, measurement and reporting advantages of the call centre infrastructure.

By extending formal call centre structures across the enterprise, contact centres can move closer to the goal of single call resolution for every enquiry, while increasing efficiency in the call centre by allowing agents to focus on dealing with straightforward calls in line with customer service targets. The new rostrvm release also allows contact centres to utilise staff located elsewhere in the business to maintain customer service levels during planned or even unplanned peaks in call volumes.

Ken Reid, Marketing Director, Rostrvm Solutions commented: “The call centre environment has changed dramatically in recent years. While call centres began life as a centralised point for handling relatively straightforward transactions, the increase in self-service systems mean that today’s agents are far more likely to be handling complex and difficult enquiries that require specialist skills and knowledge. Our latest rostrvm release meets the needs of modern call centres, helping the industry to increase customer satisfaction, while maximising resources – both in the contact centre and across the enterprise – and maintaining management control.”