Cloud contact centreWe are a sponsor of the new version of ‘The Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Centre Solutions’, published by ContactBabel. Out now, the Guide is a major independent analyst report, aimed at providing professionals with the latest analysis and data around current and future cloud contact centre issues and use.

Cloud contact centre report free to download

The 120-page report is free to download (see below) and contains a detailed insight into topics like the cloud-based contact centre applications being used today; use of cloud for call routing, recording, IVR, CRM, WFM, outbound diallers and analytics.

Ken Reid of Rostrvm says, “It also looks at the pros and cons of using cloud, including implementation and timescales, as well as what the future holds. The guide shows that there has been great growth in cloud solutions that support outbound sales activity, for example.”

Cloud is very flexible and it enables contact centres to accommodate rapidly-changing requirements and fluctuating traffic profiles, as well as test new initiatives and campaigns without significant capital expenditure.

Cloud contact centre systems can be integrated with your existing in-house and other cloud systems.

Talk to us because cloud is not always the right answer, depending on your requirements. Also, if you do choose cloud we advocate moving everything to it for proper integration – but do it in stages rather than all in one go. Start with one area such as inbound call routing or an outbound predictive dialler and then add other functionality like email, web chat and text messaging.

Our cloud platform, poweredbyrostrvm, provides intuitive, high-performing and functional apps that will help your contact centre evolve as your needs change.

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Download ‘The Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-based Contact Centre Solutions’.