EK Services works in partnership with Canterbury City Council, Dover District Council and Thanet District Council to deliver and support their HR, ICT, Customer Services and Revenues & Benefits operations.

As part of this they have a single 90-seat contact centre to communicate with customers, sharing a centralised rostrvm platform across three different locations .

call centre software - case study - EK Services

All three council contact centres’ services were integrated onto one rostrvm platform, allowing a virtual contact centre covering about 24 services. This involved aligning the skills of staff across the three locations and enabling economies of scale to be realised.

One team administrates it all, headed by Lola Leveridge, Operational Development Team Leader at EK Services, who has used rostrvm since it was first implemented at Canterbury City Council.

Lola explains, “There are numerous advantages to having a shared service with rostrvm; firstly, contact centre advisors can work at any of the three sites, whichever is convenient, and they can also work from home. This provides massive flexibility.”

Lola adds, “We all see the value of the Intelligence and Reporting stats provided by the rostrvm system. This is a long-term relationship and we’re looking to introduce fully-blended web chat in the future and can’t wait to see what the next upgrade will bring in terms of even more flexibility and other benefits.”

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