We’re delighted to welcome Dr Matt North PhD, MPhil, BSc (hons.), who has joined our Research & Development team as a developer and mentor.

Rostrvm, which has nearly 30 years’ experience in the contact centre software market, has an established, proactive and highly-regarded Research & Development facility, which attracts top scientific and IT talent. The result is that its products are not only innovative but future-proof, able to evolve as Rostrvm’s customers’ businesses change.

Matt started in research at Southampton University before studying at University College London, where he gained his PhD. He was then awarded a Daphne Jackson Fellowship, funded by the Science & Technology Facilities Council, and joined Surrey Astrophysics.

Matt has worked in the area of IT for five years and says of his Rostrvm work: “By configuring our software to exactly meet the needs of our customers we provide a unique service and added value. In R&D you have to be one step ahead of customers’ requirements – and we’re developing products now, using the latest technologies, that many won’t be ready for yet but when they are Rostrvm will deliver. What is going down well currently is our recent launch of an integrated web-based user interface, which is platform independent and easy to use.”

Ken Reid, a director at Rostrvm Solutions said, “When you design, develop and support software applications for the call centre and back office process management and reporting, you really have to be sure you come up with the right solution each time and we are experts at it. Matt is a valuable and knowledgeable addition to our team and we’re pleased he has joined us at this exciting time of growth and innovation in our product offering.”