This series of blogs has been focusing on how to make things easier for customers and provide a fast and seamless service. One of the biggest obstacles to achieving this for many businesses is trying to work efficiently with a mixture of legacy IT, newer architecture and existing processes. This is particularly evident on the contact centre desktop, where accuracy and compliance are vital.

We carried out a survey of UK contact centres, which found that staff productivity is being hampered by having to battle with too many desktop applications. 60% of contact centres surveyed used at least three desktop applications to complete a single task yet the greater the number of applications needed, the higher the workload for the advisor. This was leading to high operational costs but lower productivity and customer satisfaction. It wasn’t just happening in the call centre but also in back offices and other departments too.

Software which overlays and streamlines existing business systems is available which will integrate and reduce the amount of screens needed, making desktops quick and easy to use.

Not only that but it will guide staff through processes and display information automatically that’s relevant to the customer, based upon historical data and other criteria, at the right point in the conversation. It’s flexible to work with and easy to update. It makes activity and performance visible at the individual, team and corporate level with rich, real-time and historical information displays.

One of Rostrvm’s customers used this technology on a mixture of legacy applications and has reduced the time and hassle required to handle a data entry and processing task from 12 minutes to 45 seconds! This was achieved by rationalising the previous 14-screen marathon to a single screen, providing improved accuracy and consistency – and increased customer satisfaction.

An agent desktop is a crucial part of any contact centre, so have you streamlined yours and ensured that all staff find it easy to access the information they need and help customers efficiently?