One particular issue that affects all parts of a business is managing multiple IT applications on the desktop. In some contact centres it’s not unusual for a team member to have to flick between 12 screens to answer a customer’s questions! Not only that but data is often cut-and-pasted between systems and all sorts of ad-hoc spreadsheets are used to access information and update results.

It’s vital that staff desktops are set up to provide them with fast access to the information they need to do their job to excellent standards. Systems should be able to automatically display information that is relevant to the customer, based on historical data and other criteria, at the right point in the conversation. Customer responses need to be logged for future reference.

rostrvm 9 cleans up the messy desktops and awkward IT systems that slow people down. It also does the same in the Back Office, providing a structured, proactive approach to task management. 

rostrvm 9:

  • Ensures information coordination
  • Enables you to enter it once and everything else will be updated automatically
  • Provides consistent process conformance
  • Presents the right information at the right time
  • Makes sure that processes are followed

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