Rostrvm Solutions has developed a specialist outbound and inbound contact centre solution for landlords. This is particularly relevant as the roll-out of Universal Credit (UC) to replace Housing Benefit will mean that landlords will have to chase their tenants on UC for payment of rent.

This is because, under UC, the way that Housing Benefit is paid is changing. Landlords will no longer receive rent directly from the State but the benefit money will go instead to their tenants who are on UC. It will then be the tenant’s responsibility to ensure they pay their rent to their landlord on time.

This is likely to cause various financial management issues and some landlords may find themselves having to chase tenants who don’t pay up. This could lead to increases in rent collection expenses and legal costs.

Ken Reid, a Director at Rostrvm Solutions, said, “Rent collection and the management of any arrears will become more challenging if a proper communication channel between landlord and tenant is not set up. Our outbound dialler can be programmed to deal with the whole spectrum of new requirements.”

Rostrvm’s dialling system will:

  • Help advisors keep tenants updated on new legislation changes and their effects.
  • Enable advisors to automatically remind tenants before the UC payment is due and follow up afterwards, so that it can’t get forgotten.
  • Electronically deliver an email or text to the tenant to remind them of key dates and payments.
  • Collect payments safely and securely over the phone.


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