The contact centre has a long history of managing and measuring activity and rostrvm is a leader in providing facilities to support this key aspect of delivering excellent customer service.

We know that providing great customer service needs to happen outside the contact centre too. Whilst all contact centres measure performance, many back office operations do not have any criteria or metrics to do the same.

Back Office Chart

How many different software applications are typically used by your back office team to complete a transaction?

One particular issue that affects many businesses that we resolve is the challenge of managing multiple IT applications on the desktop. The inefficiencies observed in the contact centre created by multiple applications and complex data handling are mirrored and even amplified in areas delivering customer service in the back office.

We see it every day – technology silos forcing users to flick between mainframe screens, cut and paste from one database to another, update ad-hoc spreadsheets, scribble down information and stick notes to the computer screen.

Here’s an example: let’s assume that a simple change of address call means data needs to be changed in 3 different systems and takes 4 minutes; if this happens 100 times a week, the time wasted amounts to roughly 1 day. If that is repeated across different functions an enormous amount of effort is wasted!

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