Contact centre surveyAt each month end do you have a detailed record at hand on your contact centre’s performance? Can you make informed decisions about where you need to make changes and improvements? Do you survey customers so that you know what they think?

Our rostrvm suite includes performance management facilities so that you can assess every aspect of your operation. It also provides a complete real-time customer feedback solution, which works across all channels.  

You can record customer calls, play them back and store them as necessary, so you can use them to evaluate success and train staff. And the same goes for emails, web chats and text messages. – rostrvm keeps a record of what you and your customers are saying.

Did you know that we also provide a Surveys function?  For example, after every contact rostrvm can send a text message with your survey questions, such as ‘Did you receive good service from our advisor today?’ and ‘How likely are you to recommend us?

These survey questions can be completed in any media and you choose whether you want them to be anonymous or not.

You can capture feedback in real-time and the results are automatically passed over to a specific team or individual for actioning , for example, via a customer call back or via staff training sessions.

Once you know what your customers or staff are thinking, you’ll be able to make appropriate choices on next steps, which will help you reach your goals faster and maintain customer and staff satisfaction.