Contact centres you'll loveDo your staff and customers love your contact centre software? You’ll know they do if you don’t get complaints, it supports all processes and fulfils business and customer needs.




Contact centre software must-haves

In this, the week of Valentines, there will be much said about the secret of successful relationships and, although contact centre software isn’t exactly sexy, it is a major contributor to the relationships you have with your staff, customers and prospects, so it has to be fit for the task. It must:

  • Be good to be around – your staff want and deserve a reliable, user-friendly system, which is flexible when it needs to be.
  • Be intelligent – an intuitive and responsive system makes life sweet for all concerned, with features like Interactive Voice Response and fast contact routing.
  • Be a smooth operator – channels should be integrated and work with CRM to provide a seamless, personal service on-site or in the cloud.
  • Be attentive to your contacts – that means being proactive, staying in touch and keeping promises with outbound contacts that they’ll appreciate, be that a call, text, email or social.
  • Weather the storm – when life chucks a curve, such as adverse weather, contact centre software needs to provide the right solution, whether that be saying the right things on the IVR while customers are queuing or allowing staff to work remotely.

All decent relationships are based upon respect and trust – and in the contact centre environment, where a business stands or falls on its reputation, we at Rostrvm know how important consulting services and support is. So lastly, you have to have a good contact centre software supplier!

On a lighter note, ‘if music be the food of love’ … we have quite a few musicians here at Rostrvm – fancy a bit of guitar, keyboard, or drums anyone?

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