The right contact centre software can do amazing things for your organisation. Choosing the solution should not be that complicated if you look for quality and one that can be tailored to fit your needs.

Quality contact centre software is cost-effective

Contact centre software

Every organisation has different requirements but the key thing here is how long you let technology hold you back.

Take healthcare as an example. This week the NHS was told to ditch its ‘outdated’ pagers*. One side says there are more secure, faster and cost-effective ways to communicate like email and mobile; the other says networks in hospitals are unreliable – in the meantime the NHS is still sending documents from fax machines.

There are, of course, ‘life and death’ scenarios where the wrong solution could be disastrous. But in the contact centre, digital transformation should mean moving forward based on a sound strategy. Yet the words ‘digital transformation’ are mostly accompanied by much debate and procrastination in many sectors.

Innovative, world-class contact centre software
So you need innovative, world-class technology and suppliers who know what they’re talking about. Those who have the knowledge to make informed contributions to discussion at the early stages of IT planning, a willingness to understand and the expertise to tailor a solution to move everything forward.

Talking with the suppliers of the contact centre software sooner rather than later will find answers to the drive to integrate health and social care effectively and develop self-service for staff and patients. Bespoke, intelligent solutions which accommodate the need for patient safety, confidentiality and security can be crafted from pooling knowledge.

Other public services, like social housing, are using contact centre software to solve their challenges – such as utilising outbound diallers to mitigate the effects of Universal Credit on already over-stretched resources.

The way forward
Value for money, ROI – and quality of product – are prerequisites for many businesses, as are being secure and robust but perhaps even more so in the public service sector.

Rostrvm Solutions is on the Government-approved G-Cloud list of suppliers and our next-generation contact centre software is user-friendly and makes it easier to roll out functionality and features as required. Not only will it overlay and work with existing systems but it will integrate inbound and outbound services so that you can see every step of a contact’s journey.

  • The platform also enables flexibility in working arrangements. Advisors can work remotely; they can cover night shifts from home for example.
  • You can prioritise contact and ensure the right person deals with each enquiry.
  • IVR messages can be changed quickly and easily to adapt to various situations. Script pop-ups are available according to the option chosen by callers on the IVR.
  • Integrated contact recording inbound and outbound ensures contact can be replayed for compliance, quality and training purposes.
  • Business continuity can be ensured in the event of any technical issues as advisors can answer calls using a mobile phone, which is set up as a station within rostrvm.
  • Automated outbound dialling really reaps results. An intelligent dialler can be set to relay multichannel appointment reminders for example.

In the housing sector, messages can be relayed about bin collections or payment and renewal reminders, or to actively engage with customers. For example, making outbound contact to collect money and support customers can be tricky, especially with limited resources. rostrvm integrated capability increases collection rates and reduces arrears by engaging with tenants early and creating a dialogue from the outset. The dialler can be set up to make contact at the right time, with the right message, on the most appropriate channel, matching the right skills to each call.

A ‘Rejected’ call outcome will let you know if a customer has rejected your call so that you can choose to switch channels to text or email.

Managers will have the full picture of what is happening at all times, using powerful Process Management tools, and advisors will have the confidence gained from having desktop prompts to ensure procedures are followed and the correct information is gathered, so you’re compliant and effective.

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Source: BBC.