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Why contact centre software matters to staff

The need for organisations to provide flexible technology which is user-friendly for staff, so that they are motivated and focused when using it, has never been more important.

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There are over 6,175 contact centres in the UK, employing some 1.3 million people* and this number is rising every year. The role of the contact centre agent is becoming more complex, and customer expectations are high, so it’s essential when recruiting to find appropriate staff – but this can be difficult.

There can be heavy costs associated with recruiting, training and developing new employees because it’s vital that they have the right values and behaviour.

So it can be a big investment. Losing key staff or having a de-motivated team can result in more recruitment and training costs – and poor customer service.

Here’s what to look for when considering contact centre software to help:

User-friendly software makes it easier for staff to focus on their roles and look after customers and contacts. They’ll be more confident and able to concentrate.
Desktop optimisation ensures staff screens are clutter-free and they won’t be distracted by having to search for information to carry out their roles. They’ll have the right data on hand at the right time, regardless of the channel used.
Intuitive and intelligent software enables staff to personalise their contact and empathise with the individual’s needs, giving them greater job satisfaction. They won’t be worried about what to do or say as scripts can be used as prompts.
Staff will be less stressed if they’re supported inbound by an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, offering self-service options to queuing customers and utilising skills-based routing to feed them appropriate contacts. A call-back system will give customers options and smooth out traffic volumes. And an outbound dialler can shoulder some of the workload, making less complex communications, like reminding contacts about their appointments or renewals. This gives staff the opportunity to focus on other key tasks.
Flexibility – contact centre software which allows staff to work remotely, as needs dictate, makes it easier for them to work extra or different shifts.
Screen and call recording enables staff to monitor all communications and playback specific ‘conversations’, regardless of channel, as part of training, quality management and compliance. This ensures staff feel supported.
• A powerful management system makes performance metrics readily available for both the contact centre and non-customer facing areas. Key decisions can then be made based on real-time and historical data, set against business goals. This rich information helps managers to forecast contact volumes and plan work schedules to optimise their employee’s time – they’ll know when to blend and smooth out the workload for advisors.

The overall result is that it will be easier to train and motivate staff because you’re able to provide a more autonomous culture and develop people. You’ll be able to up-skill staff to tackle multiple roles. This, in turn, creates an environment where people feel valued and are more likely to stay.

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*Source: CCMA