Horror stories like ‘The Shining’ are expected at Halloween but it’s not funny when we hear real-life nightmares, such as poor CRM integration causing chaos in contact centres. We suggest some solutions …

Horrific CRM integration and other scary tales


Deploying and using CRM seems to cause many a ‘fright night’ for both contact centres and their customers.

We’ve heard stories about unsatisfactory, costly CRM integrations that have made contact centres take the proverbial axe to their CRM ‘system’.

In these instances, perhaps CRM is the short form for ‘Criminal’ – and not what it should mean … Customer Relationship Management.

It’s criminal, for example, to have to struggle with systems that aren’t connected, are slow and make everyone want to scream!

This is shocking, not least because CRM is so important. Analysts Gartner found that worldwide spending on CRM software grew 15.6% to reach $48.2 billion last year*.

The good news is redemption is nigh! You can bring customer contact channels together and make optimal use of your people and their skills.

We shine a light on 7 sins and suggest solutions for joined-up conversations.

  1. I’m having to apologise for the long queues constantly – customers feel like they’re trapped in our IVR jail and we lose many to abandoned calls.
    Provide a call-back facility, to allow customers to escape the queues.
  2. By the time the customer shouted at me, they’d been passed around half the contact centre.
    Create rules within the CRM system to route calls to the most appropriate advisor, based on their ID and other criteria. This will help improve First Call Resolution.
  3. I didn’t know they’d already been on social media complaining, so it made my customer even more irritated.
    View the whole customer journey regardless of the channel they’ve made contact on, by joining everything up and viewing it all in one place. You can also use the CRM data to understand a customer’s past orders, preferences etc, and personalise contact to make them feel valued. No scrabbling around. No psychic abilities required. Just intelligent technology.
  4. By the time I’d found the information needed my customer had fled.
    Desktop optimisation tools prevent staff from having to toggle between different apps and screens. rostrvm uses data from multiple sources and devices to provide one, unified view integrated with CRM. Information is popped up on the advisor’s screen before the call is answered, so they’re ready and prepared.
  5. SOS! We’re flagging – we could do with help!
    rostrvm outbound can shoulder some of the workload. For example, to send out texts reminding customers about appointments, renewals, collections etc.
  6. I’m drowning in admin …
    CRM integration frees the advisor from having to input tasks manually. All interactions are recorded and added to the customer information records automatically, with triggers of actions and follow-up tasks. Everything is updated – no need to re-do across systems etc. This saves time and mistakes creeping in.
  7. As a manager I’m in the dark on how my team are doing …
    Use reports and analytics to manage contact centre and back office performance. rostrvm includes business outcome and real-time and historical management information, inbound and outbound, omnichannel.

We’ve worked with several clients to complete successful projects, including sophisticated, bi-directional integration with CRM systems like Salesforce and MS Dynamics.

If you would like to free your contact centre of its demons, empower your people and delight your customers, why not contact us?

Source: Gartner