Rostrvm Solutions has announced a strategic partnership with Red Box Recorders. The companies will work together to provide call centres with call handling and recording applications which maximise efficiency and improve customer service from one totally integrated platform.

The unique integration means that Red Box recorders can now replay calls based on campaign information provided by Rostrvm Solutions’ call centre management software. The out-of-the-box solution allows managers to drill down into campaign reports, pick out specific calls and listen back to them immediately – saving time and effort spent searching for the appropriate recording.

The solution allows both companies to satisfy the integrated management and monitoring needs of existing and new customers. “Integrating equipment and software from different suppliers has long been a problem in the call centre industry and often soaks up more resources than it should. Our partnership with Rostrvm will guarantee seamless integration between voice recorder and contact management software, thus avoiding these headaches,” said Adam Smith, business development manager, Red Box Recorders.

In addition, this integration ensures compliance with both FSA and PCI data security standards. FSA regulations state that all calls must be recorded with no edits, but PCI standards also require that no customer credit card details are stored on the recording. The scripting function of the rostrvm CallGuide software signals to the Red Box Recorder that the payment portion of the call is coming up, allowing the recorder to blank the customer’s card details out of the recording. The recording remains intact, but the customer’s financial details are not stored, thus complying with both sets of regulations.

“Previously we could offer full contact management but we didn’t offer an integrated voice recording solution, leaving our customers forced to choose between suppliers. Working with Red Box means that we can offer any customer the call handling infrastructure and recording capability they need,” explains Ken Reid, Marketing Director, Rostrvm Solutions.

For further information on the Rostrvm and Red Box integrated solution please visit, or call 0800 6122 192.