A cloud contact centre will provide the flexibility and scalability to accommodate your changing business requirements. There are a range of deployment approaches available, so ensure you get the best one for you.

Which cloud contact centre solution is the right one?

At one end, you can get a simple Cloud Contact Centre ‘out of the box’ ready to use; then there’s the cost-effective ‘Contact Centre As A Service’ approach. Or cloud can be provided as a hybrid model, connected directly to your on-site telephony and tailored exactly for your business.

Cloud contact centre - the options

Our next-generation software covers it all.

Cloud benefits:

  • Enables you to tap into contact centre technology expertise and functionality as requirements change, without upgrade costs.
  • You can opt for a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis and save yourself having to purchase and install hardware; just get the features and capacity you need on subscription.
  • Accommodates rapidly-changing needs and fluctuating traffic profiles; you can scale up or down easily.
  • Test new initiatives and campaigns without significant capital expenditure.
  • Provide a complete, integrated inbound and outbound service, with an intelligent performance management system and desktop optimisation.
  • Work remotely and still be supported by all your required business systems.

No business model is the same and, because rostrvm is agnostic and versatile, it provides solutions for all: for smaller contact centres, SME’s – and larger organisations, requiring enterprise-class features.

Talk to us and we’ll help you find the best cloud deployment approach for you.

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