poweredbyrostrvmThe financial benefits

The beauty of cloud is that there’s no expensive outlay – and no sizeable maintenance and upgrade costs. The core infrastructure – telephone lines, internet services, servers and network equipment – are provided and managed by the cloud service provider. This reduces significantly the start-up costs and implementation time, so Return on Investment (ROI) can be seen rapidly.

We offer a flexible payment structure and full support every step of the way.

Functionality and flexibility

Cloud can do everything that a traditional on-site contact centre system can do and more.

  • Cloud will evolve with you as it’s completely scalable. It’s quick to turn on, expand and turn off.
  • Cloud gives you time to manage your contact centre service – your supplier manages the technology.
  • Cloud is being implemented in the back office and other areas where performance management and efficiency is crucial, not just in the contact centre, to provide seamless customer service.

Cloud delivery is inherently location independent so it provides great flexibility. For example, home working can be organised easily to suit business demand, reducing expenditure.

Cloud enables managers to monitor contact centre performance any time and from anywhere. They can make quick adjustments, such as blending, to maximise operations, using a mix of contact channels. For example, during an inbound call volume trough, they could organise text messages or emails to be sent to attract more inbound calls.

A low-cost way to test business initiatives

Cloud may be a long-term strategic vision for IT delivery or a tactical approach to testing the value of a new contact activity; it enables you to try something out before you commit. For example, you might test if multichannel works for you, or measure the impact of an outbound calling campaign – or trial a new service to current clients.


Gain assurances about security in several areas: is the data secure? How is it backed up? Is information encrypted across the Internet?

You should also check system availability: are standby ‘mirrors’ available? When are system updates applied? A decent cloud provider will be as keen to ensure these aspects are right as you are.


Most contact centres are complex so we recommend a step-by-step migration to the Cloud. Rostrvm offers full support both before, during and after implementation.  For more details about our contact centre cloud visit: poweredbyrostrvm.com/

Tech takeaway: With Cloud there’s no expensive outlay – and no sizeable maintenance and upgrade costs. It’s also incredibly flexible, so Return on Investment (ROI) can be seen rapidly.


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