Free download : ‘Inner Circle Guide to Outbound & Call Blending’

Are you considering how your contact centre should be using modern technology to maximise performance and improve customer relationships? Two areas where the right use can make a huge difference are outbound and call blending. We’ve sponsored the “Inner Circle Guide to Outbound & Call Blending” so that you can download it free to answer questions


Cloud call centre research

The success of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions has paved the way for widespread creation and adoption of cloud-based solutions with the take-up of IP and movement towards more open systems driving the use of cloud.


CTI improves call centre performance. Is it being used?

In today’s challenging environment, every organisation needs to be as efficient as possible. Our research has shown that most call centres in the UK are not taking advantage of CTI technology with only 31% of call centres using CTI as part of their call centre operations.


Local Government Contact Centres

The New Performance Framework for Local Authorities & Local Authority Partnerships sets new indicators for customer contact performance including reducing avoidable contact. But how well are local authorities doing today?


Contact Centres and the New Consumer

The consumer is changing. Mobile technology is being quickly adopted and use of the internet continues to increase. Most notably new communication methods are strongly adopted by young people – the new consumers vital to the continued success of any business.


Financial Services Benchmarking

A summary of the findings of recent research commissioned by Rostrvm Solutions to investigate whether call centres are integrated with online channels, and if so, how effective the service is.

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