Public Sector

Midland Heart

Midland Heart is a leading UK housing, care and support business, providing 33,000 high quality affordable homes to over 70,000 customers. The organisation talked to Rostrvm Solutions about ways to tackle the impact of Universal Credit as it wanted to act early to mitigate the effects on customers.


Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council has has been successfully using rostrvm  in its customer service centre (CSC) since 2009. The number of services delivered to its customers has increased dramatically and the Council needed to extend call handling capabilities into other departments to maintain productivity and efficiency.


London Borough of Wandsworth – Council tax & Benefits

When the Council implemented its plan to refresh its call centre infrastructure, the Council was not looking to implement one central call centre, but required call centre technology with the ability to set up virtual call centres. This enables the Council’s different business areas to administrate and set up their own call handling specific to their


London Borough of Wandsworth – Adult Social Services

When is a call centre not a call centre? Contact management is important to the service, but the Access team is not a call centre in the traditional sense. The objective isn’t to plough through high volumes of calls as quickly as possible – the aim is to conduct interactions sensitively and to measure the outcome


Canterbury City Council

Home-working is proving to be a cost-effective choice for some contact centres, which benefit from the flexibility that it gives them and their agents.

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