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How to make Precision Contact

Precision Contact gives you the optimum chance of reaching your customers because you contact them: at the right time – the best time to catch them; with the right message and channel; using the right people – making sure your contact is handled by appropriately-skilled advisors.


Introducing precision skills-based dialling

The latest rostrvm release provides our users with a key new feature to keep their customers happy – Precision skills-based dialling. Skills-based dialling adds to the armoury of precision tools available already to the campaign designer and dialler manager using rostrvm.


Keeping in touch

Continuing our  series of blogs looking at how customers’ lives can be made easy we consider outbound contact. Before you provide an outbound service to your customers ensure that it will improve your relationship with them. Because outbound contact should be about making it effortless and easy for customers.


Introducing rostrvm for Housing

Is income the heart of your organisation? rostrvm for Housing is a proactive contact solution specifically for the Housing sector to address the financial challenges created by Universal Credit (UC)


Use Precision dialling to avoid being a nuisance

From 6 April the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) no longer has to prove that cold calls or nuisance text messages caused “substantial damage or substantial distress” before they can impose fines of up to £500,000 on companies. It will be down to the ICO to decide when a serious contravention has taken place.


poweredbyrostrvm – cloud contact centre

Have you heard about poweredbyrostrvm – the hosted contact centre service delivered in the cloud by Rostrvm Solutions? Whatever your customer contact challenges  you can use  poweredbyrostrvm to become the contact centre you need to be.


Heritage Health contact centre success with poweredbyrostrvm

The Telemarketing team at Heritage Health, a private medical insurance broker, have generated some 60% increase in customer “Transfers” since using the poweredbyrostrvm cloud contact centre service. Emerson Peacey, Managing Director at Heritage Health, says, “We offer UK Private Medical plans, International Medical Insurance for expatriates and specially-designed schemes for individuals, groups and businesses. With poweredbyrostrvm we’ve


Responsible dialling, decent rewards

The direct marketing industry contributes financially to the economy and UK call centres alone employ more than 1 million people. Direct marketing techniques are used by numerous companies to generate business and good campaigns can help consumers find the best deal and the most suitable product for their needs. An outbound live marketing call is a


4 for 14 – Precision Dialling

One thing that we know for certain is that predictive dialler use will continue be a focus for Ofcom and the  Information Commissioner’s Office; this will drive predictive dialler users to look again at the dialler’s role in customer relationship management. 


rostrvm 9.1 available

rostrvm 9.1 is now available with extended features including  a new tool to simplify the creation and management of CallGuide and DeskTop scripts allowing them to be constructed as a graphical flow diagram.


National Best Practice Seminar – Outbound Stream Sponsor

Rostrvm Solutions is the Outbound Stream Sponsor for the Professional Planning Forum's National Best Practice Seminar being held on 8th November, 2012 at Old Trafford Football Stadium, Manchester. This is a must attend event for planners and analysts who want to keep up to date. More information and booking details are available here.


Latest edition of rostrvm News

The latest edition of rostrvm News is available now. This month's edition looks at combining the intelligence you gain from your inbound call centre to improve performance of your outbound, predictive dialler activities. You can also access our paper discussing this issue in detail from here.


Putting intelligence into dialler campaigns

Complying with the latest regulatory guidelines whilst striving to achieve targets on outbound predictive dialler campaigns is often a tough challenge for contact centres – but there is an answer. Using intelligence from inbound communications can not only aid compliance but also achieve a significant increase in outbound contact success…


Planning guide for predictive dialler

The latest edition of Rostrvm Solutions’ planning guide for outbound call centre campaigns has been published. This third edition has been updated following the issue of revised guidelines on the use of automated dialling from Ofcom and subsequent regulatory activity.


News from Ofcom about predictive dialler and Answer Machine Detect

Ofcom has recently posted updated information on regulation and predictive diallers. More details are available at the Ofcom web site. As expected in the latest Notification under Section 128 of the Communications Act 2003 the regulator is expressing concern about both abandoned call rates and the use of Answer Machine Detect. You  can learn more about Rostrvm


Customer Contact Planning Forum 2011

Organised by the Professional Planning Forum, Rostrvm Solutions will be attending this essential event in the call centre calendar for MI teams, resource planners, operation managers, IT and call centre professionals. It takes place at the Hilton Metropole, Birmingham on 11th April – 12th April and is an ideal opportunity to network and exchange ideas on best practice


Call Centre & Customer Service Summit

Once again Rostrvm Solutions will be attending the Call Centre & Customer Service Summit to be held on the 4th and  5th April @ Whittlebury Hall in the heart of rural Northamptonshire.  We will be working with customers and prospects to illustrate the operational benefits of the rostrvm cti, call handling, predictive dialler, management information, scripting  and back office


Discover flexible software

Discover Leisure plc, a premier outdoor leisure retailer specialising in the caravan and motorhome market, has maximised its resources and saved on installation time by adding rostrvm software to existing communications technology.


MPs call for more action on silent calls

After just one week of the revised Ofcom guidelines on predictive dialler  and answer machine detect operation Members of Parliament (the Public Accounts Committee) are calling for Ofcom to "do more" to tackle Silent Calls. If you need help advice on configuring and running your dialling campaigns then contact Rostrvm Solutions. You can read more about silent calls,


New predictive dialler rules – a reminder

The deadline for implementing Ofcom's guidelines on the use of Answer Machine Detect with Automated Calling Systems (ACS) including predictive dialling systems is fast approaching. By February 1st you need to decide what you are going to do and act upon it. The simplest method of ensuring that you are compliant with the current statement on 'Tackling


Open letter from Ofcom for predictive dialler users

Earlier this week Ofcom released an 'open letter' to users of automated calling systems (predictive diallers) re-emphasising the guidance issued a couple of months ago. The letter doesn't add any new information but acts as a timely reminder that there is only about a month to go to the February deadline. Ofcom's letter is available at their web


Right time to call

If you missed our discussion and workshop around right time to call analaysis and predictive dialler systems at the recent Professional Planning Forum seminar then you can view our presentation at the forum's web site.


When is the right time to call?

As many predictive dialler users turn off Answer Machine Detection  "right time to call" facilities look like becoming the next big thing. Rostrvm Solutions is hosting a workshop at the Professional Planning Forum's National Outbound seminar on Thursday to be held near Manchester Airport. More details are available at


The latest Ofcom rules and guidance on Answer Machine Detect

Last week Ofcom announced the latest rules and guidance surrounding the use of automated calling systems - predictive diallers. The new rules come into force in February 2011 and are primarily focussed upon the use of automated Answer Machine Detection. In our view the revised rules sound the death knell for Answer Machine Detect. No, Ofcom


Predictive dialler – new guidance confirmed

Following the consultation earlier this year Ofcom has confirmed the revised rules for the use of Answer Machine Detection (AMD) technology with a predictive dialler. In summary "The new rules will prevent a company using answer machine detection equipment more than once a day, unless a call centre agent is on hand to answer the call. 


Predictive dialler fine increase

The UK parliament approved the increase of the fine for excessive abandoned calls made by call centres. As expected the fine is increased from £50,000 to £2 million. Our friends at have excellent coverage at this story available at


Answer Machine Detect – what the industry thinks

The recent Ofcom consultation on silent calls, abandoned calls, answer machine detect and the predictive dialler closed a few days ago. You have been able to read what we think for a while at . But what did the industry think? Opinions from individuals, call centres, technology providers and other key influencers are available to read


Cable&Wireless Worldwide case study

Cable&Wireless (C&W) is one of the world's leading international communications companies, specialising in providing critical communication network and services in the UK and globally. C&W has a long-standing relationship with Aviva and provides a managed telecommunications service to its insurance division. As part of this, Aviva UK General Insurance is using a rostrvm OutBound dialler as


Ofcom:Tackling abandoned and silent calls

With only a few days left to respond to Ofcom's consultation on tackling abandoned and silent calls (Consultation closes on 27th July, 2010) have you considered what the proposed changes will mean for your call centre and predictive dialler operation? We have! If you would like to know what we think visit our resource centre, log


New rules for predictive diallers and Answer Machine Detect

Ofcom has issued a new consultation covering the use of predictive diallers and automatic answer machine detection technology. "Ofcom is proposing a new rule to prevent a company calling an answer phone more than once in any 24 hour period, unless a call centre agent is on hand to answer the call.  This would mean that


Communications Consumer Panel supports higher fines

Following the closing date of the Department for Business and Skills' consultation on predictive dialler silent calls the Communications Consumer Panel came out in support of higher fines of up to £2 million for dialler misuse. You can read more in the London Evening Standard together with comment from campaigner David Hickson and directly at the Communications Consumer


VoIP is the platform for new contact applications

With the ultimate vision of Unified Communications in mind and seamless use of multiple channels, it is no surprise that every single system that Rostrvm has installed for contact centres in 2009 has included Voice over IP. Advances in technology have meant that VoIP now offers an infrastructure that enables many businesses – and not just the


Happy new year

As we slide gently into a new decade we thoguth we would spend our first few posts of the year looking at what has happened in the past year and our view of the key issues in 2010. Looking back... 2009 was an extraordinary year, against the backdrop of recession, the contact centre industry has had to


Predictive dialler penalties – a quick reminder

As mentioned in last month's rostrvm News, the Government has issued a consultation document which could see Ofcom’s maximum penalty for persistent misuse of an electronic communications network or service rise from the current £50,000 to £2 million. The penalty is particularly aimed at call centres generating an unacceptable number of silent or abandoned calls by


We’ve been nominated

Click to vote Rostrvm Solutions has been nominated for ‘The Top 10 Call Centre Technology for 2009’ awards, organised by leading UK online magazine Call Centre Helper, for its rostrvm Outbound contact management and dialler and rostrvm CallGuide scripting software. Voters include the 47,000 Call Centre Helper readers from the industry, particularly Call Centre


Predictive dialer penalties to be increased?

A government consultation has been launched looking at raising the maximum penalty for silent calls - which may be created by incorrectly used call centre predictive diallers - to one of £250,000,  £500,000,  £1million or £2million (see the Ofcom website for more details) This should act as a further catalyst for infringing call centres to sort their act out. But as


Aviva links web to rostrvm call centre

Back in August ServiceTick and Rostrvm Solutions announced an initiative to ensure close integration of their respective products to deliver high levels of functionality and value to their customers. This partnership is now bearing fruit! On 30th September ServiceTick presented a case study at the Professional Planning Forum event at Heathrow which shows how Aviva use rostrvm OutBound,


Call Centre Consultant Support

Rostrvm Solutions provides free, direct support to consultants working in the contact centre space. Call centres are central to many organisations' customer communication strategies. Call centre users increasingly turn to consultants for advice on deploying technologies and services to enhance the customer experience and optimise cost. But call centres are becoming increasingly complex; it can be


Financial Services call centre case study, a trading name of Insurance Dialogue Limited (IDL), is an independent intermediary specialising in insurance for people aged 50 and over. To support continued business expansion IDL has deployed SIP based VoIP call centre systems. rostrvm OutBound predictive dialler and campaign management system rostrvm CallGuide Contact Point Management rostrvm CallDirectorACD inbound contact management and contact


Ofcom enforcement report indicates future increase in predictive dialler penalties

Ofcom's latest report into its Enforcement activities indicates that Ofcom is seeking an increase in penalties for misuse of predictive diallers. [Available here] "At present the maximum penalty that Ofcom can impose for this behaviour[silent calls] is £50,000. We have made representations to Government about the possibility of increasing the maximum penalty for persistent misuse in


Pontin’s uses hosted dialler to capitalise on boom

Following Opal's announcement of its partnership with Rostrvm Solutions to provide hosted predictive dialler services the company has reported that the system is supporting Pontin's, the holiday park company, to capitalise on the current boom for UK tourism and beat the recession. The full Pontin's hosted predictive dialler story can be read here. Opal is the business to business


Hosted predictive dialler benefits

Hosted predictive diallers bring all the operational and business advantages of automated dialling to your call centre in a straightforward, easy-to-install, easy-to-use, easy-to-afford package. No capital investment Our hosted dialler is designed to operate in your call centre without committing you to long term investments. The majority of call centres can take advantage of our hosted


Predictive dialler regulation briefing at planning forum

The first UK Outbound Planning Forum - sponsored by Rostrvm Solutions - took place last week. A large part of the event was taken up in discussion with Ofcom regarding predictive dialer regulation and  in particular making allowance for predictive dialler answer machine detect (AMD) false positives A copy of Ofcom's presentation is available at the


Rostrvm Solutions presenting at the first-ever UK Outbound Forum

Rostrvm Solutions will be hosting "Blending outbound and inbound for operational efficiency" workshop at the UK Outbound Forum - a 'special interest' event within the Professional Planning Forum's conference. The event will also be an opportunity for dialler users from all over the UK to get together, share experiences and meet Ofcom, TPS and the DMA


Silent calls still a problem

The latest information from Ofcom shows that predictive dialler silent calls remain a problem. If you are concerned that your dialler is causing the problem then you should talk to us.


Come and see us @ Stansted

Rostrvm Solutions will be attending the 9th Call Centre & Customer Service Summit will be held on the 16th & 17th March, 2009 @ Stansted. We will be working with customers and prospects to illustrate the operational benefits of the rostrvm cti, call handling, predcitive dialler, management information and scripting systems. Why not join us there?


UK Outbound Forum 2009

Rostrvm Solutions is the workstream sponsor for the first ever UK Outbound Forum, to be held on Tuesday 28th April at the Novotel London West in Hammersmith. The UK Outbound Forum 2009 gives delegates a chance to hear from organisations key to best practice in the industry, with contributions from OFCOM and the Direct Marketing Association on


More predictive dialler regulation on its way?

As reported in Brand Republic and national newspapers, Colette Bowe, the incoming chair for Ofcom has called for the current maximum fine to be increased from 50,000 pounds. Dr Bowe will become Ofcom chairman later this year .... so the call centre industry needs to be ready for scrutiny!


Is outbound call handling under control?

It is estimated that around 1 million people are employed in call centres in the United Kingdom. Around 40% of call centre activity is outbound. Do the maths; make allowance for part-time working, holidays and so on – and a conservative calculation shows that outbound call centre activity adds up to 60 million days a year.


Predictive dialler news update

Just in case you missed it, predictive diallers have been in the news again. Ofcom has published new consumer guidance on silent calls following a more-than-three-fold increase in complaints in one year. Our guide to planning, implementing and executing a successful dialler campaign has been updated to incorporate the latest guidelines from Ofcom.


Does your predictive dialler comply with the regulations?

We would be happy to help you to review your predictive dialler to check its compliance to regulations and guidelines. If you would like to take advantage of this service just contact us. Alternatively if you would like to check out your operation yourself we have made the template and guide used by our consultants available to


Why use a predictive dialer?

The heart of any outbound contact management suite is the rostrvm predictive dialler delivering high performance contact with your customers and prospects. But outbound contact management is not just about high performance. It's about Targeting your campaigns Measuring the business benefits as well as the operational performance  Keeping your promises to call back Fulfilling your 'call me' and web form


Predictive dialler news…

Barclaycard fined 50,000 pounds ...Ofcom publishes updated guidance There's been lots of news from Ofcom over the past few weeks specifically related to outbound campaigns and predictive diallers. At the end of September Barclaycard was fined 50,000 pounds for for breaching Ofcom's rules on silent and abandoned calls.  And after a wait of several months Ofcom’s Revised


Hosted predictive dialler

rostrvm is deployed for hosted call centre delivery Rostrvm Solutions call centre software is designed from the ground up to operate in a virtual call centre environment with location independence. This means that rostrvm can be used both on customers’ premises and in a hosted, pay-for-use deployment.