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Latest edition of rostrvm News

The latest edition of rostrvm News is available now. This month's edition looks at combining the intelligence you gain from your inbound call centre to improve performance of your outbound, predictive dialler activities. You can also access our paper discussing this issue in detail from here.


Putting intelligence into dialler campaigns

Complying with the latest regulatory guidelines whilst striving to achieve targets on outbound predictive dialler campaigns is often a tough challenge for contact centres – but there is an answer. Using intelligence from inbound communications can not only aid compliance but also achieve a significant increase in outbound contact success…


Planning guide for predictive dialler

The latest edition of Rostrvm Solutions’ planning guide for outbound call centre campaigns has been published. This third edition has been updated following the issue of revised guidelines on the use of automated dialling from Ofcom and subsequent regulatory activity.


Discover flexible software

Discover Leisure plc, a premier outdoor leisure retailer specialising in the caravan and motorhome market, has maximised its resources and saved on installation time by adding rostrvm software to existing communications technology.


MPs call for more action on silent calls

After just one week of the revised Ofcom guidelines on predictive dialler  and answer machine detect operation Members of Parliament (the Public Accounts Committee) are calling for Ofcom to "do more" to tackle Silent Calls. If you need help advice on configuring and running your dialling campaigns then contact Rostrvm Solutions. You can read more about silent calls,


New predictive dialler rules – a reminder

The deadline for implementing Ofcom's guidelines on the use of Answer Machine Detect with Automated Calling Systems (ACS) including predictive dialling systems is fast approaching. By February 1st you need to decide what you are going to do and act upon it. The simplest method of ensuring that you are compliant with the current statement on 'Tackling


Ofcom:Tackling abandoned and silent calls

With only a few days left to respond to Ofcom's consultation on tackling abandoned and silent calls (Consultation closes on 27th July, 2010) have you considered what the proposed changes will mean for your call centre and predictive dialler operation? We have! If you would like to know what we think visit our resource centre, log


Latest rostrvm News available now

Topics covered in this issue include: Proposed changes to call centre regulations for predictive diallers Improving call centre and back office efficiency with rostrvm CallGuide and rostrvm BackOffice The current newsletter and our back catalogue are available here.


Predictive dialler penalties – a quick reminder

As mentioned in last month's rostrvm News, the Government has issued a consultation document which could see Ofcom’s maximum penalty for persistent misuse of an electronic communications network or service rise from the current £50,000 to £2 million. The penalty is particularly aimed at call centres generating an unacceptable number of silent or abandoned calls by


Predictive dialler planning guide updated in the light of revised Ofcom guidelines

Rostrvm Solutions has updated its guide to planning, implementing and executing a successful outbound campaign to incorporate the latest guidelines from Ofcom. Building an outbound contact campaign – balancing productivity and effectiveness sees Rostrvm apply its extensive industry experience to the issues surrounding outbound calling. The guide steers call centre managers, campaign managers, marketing and sales managers