Rostrvm on the road

Rostrvm Solutions will be exhibiting at the APSE exhibition and awards in September. Why not come and see us? To find out more about the exhibition, go to:


Reducing the cost of virtual contact centres

The traditional view of the call centre as a specific place where customer contact takes place is becoming outdated. Increasingly customer interactions happen throughout an organisation combining front-line contact management in multiple locations and back-office support functions. An important element in any call centre deployment, and particularly in a distributed ‘virtual’ environment, is the cost


Linking the web and the call centre

Today’s consumer has a wide choice of channels to learn about products and services with the internet becoming a dominant first-point-of-contact for information. But when the customer wants to learn more there is no substitute for person-to-person contact. For several years the rostrvm call centre application suite has incorporated facilities to link web contact such


Ofcom enforcement report indicates future increase in predictive dialler penalties

Ofcom's latest report into its Enforcement activities indicates that Ofcom is seeking an increase in penalties for misuse of predictive diallers. [Available here] "At present the maximum penalty that Ofcom can impose for this behaviour[silent calls] is £50,000. We have made representations to Government about the possibility of increasing the maximum penalty for persistent misuse


Pontin’s uses hosted dialler to capitalise on boom

Following Opal's announcement of its partnership with Rostrvm Solutions to provide hosted predictive dialler services the company has reported that the system is supporting Pontin's, the holiday park company, to capitalise on the current boom for UK tourism and beat the recession. The full Pontin's hosted predictive dialler story can be read here. Opal is the business to


Hosted predictive dialler benefits

Hosted predictive diallers bring all the operational and business advantages of automated dialling to your call centre in a straightforward, easy-to-install, easy-to-use, easy-to-afford package. No capital investment Our hosted dialler is designed to operate in your call centre without committing you to long term investments. The majority of call centres can take advantage of our


Predictive dialler regulation briefing at planning forum

The first UK Outbound Planning Forum - sponsored by Rostrvm Solutions - took place last week. A large part of the event was taken up in discussion with Ofcom regarding predictive dialer regulation and  in particular making allowance for predictive dialler answer machine detect (AMD) false positives A copy of Ofcom's presentation is available at


Call centre blending for operational efficiency

Contact blending in the call centre increases operational effectiveness allowing call centre agents to handle more contacts in any given period. But what do we mean by ‘blending’? Call centre blending commonly means combining inbound and outbound telephone call activity – typically using ‘spare’ staff capacity to make outbound calls during periods of low inbound


Rostrvm Solutions presenting at the first-ever UK Outbound Forum

Rostrvm Solutions will be hosting "Blending outbound and inbound for operational efficiency" workshop at the UK Outbound Forum - a 'special interest' event within the Professional Planning Forum's conference. The event will also be an opportunity for dialler users from all over the UK to get together, share experiences and meet Ofcom, TPS and the


Avoidable contact and local government call centres

An opinion piece by Rostrvm Solutions covering NI 14 and avoidable contact in local government call centres has been published by the Association for Public Service Excellence in its 'Direct News' magazine. A soft copy of the article is available here.


Silent calls still a problem

The latest information from Ofcom shows that predictive dialler silent calls remain a problem. If you are concerned that your dialler is causing the problem then you should talk to us.


Planning for outbound call centres

Rostrvm Solutions is sponsoring the first ever UK Outbound Planning Forum, organised by the Professional Planning Forum, to be held on Tuesday 28th April 2009 at the Novotel London West in Hammersmith. The UK Outbound Planning Forum is being held in conjunction with “Contact Centre Planning 2009” and gives delegates a chance to hear from


Come and see us @ Stansted

Rostrvm Solutions will be attending the 9th Call Centre & Customer Service Summit will be held on the 16th & 17th March, 2009 @ Stansted. We will be working with customers and prospects to illustrate the operational benefits of the rostrvm cti, call handling, predcitive dialler, management information and scripting systems. Why not join us there?


Public Sector call centres lagging behind Private Sector

Research carried out by Rostrvm Solutions has shown that public sector call centres are not making the most of technology such as Computer Telephone Integration (CTI). In today’s challenging environment, every organisation needs to be as efficient as possible. Rostrvm Solutions’ research has shown that less than 20% of public sector contact centres take advantage


Complete Call Recording and Handling Application

Rostrvm Solutions has announced a strategic partnership with Red Box Recorders. The companies will work together to provide call centres with call handling and recording applications which maximise efficiency and improve customer service from one totally integrated platform. The unique integration means that Red Box recorders can now replay calls based on campaign information provided


UK Outbound Forum 2009

Rostrvm Solutions is the workstream sponsor for the first ever UK Outbound Forum, to be held on Tuesday 28th April at the Novotel London West in Hammersmith. The UK Outbound Forum 2009 gives delegates a chance to hear from organisations key to best practice in the industry, with contributions from OFCOM and the Direct Marketing Association


Most UK call centres are missing out on CTI efficiency gains

In today’s challenging environment, every organisation needs to be as efficient as possible. Our research has shown that most call centres in the UK are not taking advantage of CTI technology with only 31% of call centres using CTI as part of their call centre operations. Headline findings Only 31% of call centres use CTI


Wake up to VoIP

Frankly we wouldn’t be surprised if the mere mention of Voice over IP was enough to make you yawn with boredom and click on to the next blog --- but please bear with us and read on! Every man and has dog have been trumpeting Voice over IP (VoIP) as the best thing since sliced bread for


CRM has evolved

At the turn of the millennium, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was trumpeted as the next great thing to drive efficiency in the call centre, increase sales and maximise service call resolution at the first point of contact. In recent years the call centre’s purpose has changed from simple transactional activity to an environment where your


Bringing call centre discipline to the back office

Most call centres have Management Information for agent activity. But what about people who provide support, and are a large part of the costs, for your business but are not are not on the phones or directly interacting with your customers? Our new application note provides an overview of how rostrvm can bring call centre


Reducing avoidable contact : NI14

We will be presenting our thoughts on NI14 and reducing avoidable contact at the APSE citizen engagement advisory group to be held in Manchester on Monday 19th January. Learn more here


More predictive dialler regulation on its way?

As reported in Brand Republic and national newspapers, Colette Bowe, the incoming chair for Ofcom has called for the current maximum fine to be increased from 50,000 pounds. Dr Bowe will become Ofcom chairman later this year .... so the call centre industry needs to be ready for scrutiny!


Is outbound call handling under control?

It is estimated that around 1 million people are employed in call centres in the United Kingdom. Around 40% of call centre activity is outbound. Do the maths; make allowance for part-time working, holidays and so on – and a conservative calculation shows that outbound call centre activity adds up to 60 million days a


Blending in the call centre

Contact blending is one of those things that seems, at first glance, very attractive. However, when you look at the detail it really needs some thought and analysis to make sure it delivers the benefits you expect ; for example if you are looking to blend inbound and outbound calls how are staff rewarded? Do


Looking forward to call centre growth

Yes we know that almost everyone is forecasting doom and gloom for 2009 but we are forecasting growth in the UK call centre industry this year. Have we gone mad? Why do we think that call centres will buck the general trend? Offshore activities in decline? The decline of offshore contact handling has been repeatedly


Predictive dialler news update

Just in case you missed it, predictive diallers have been in the news again. Ofcom has published new consumer guidance on silent calls following a more-than-three-fold increase in complaints in one year. Our guide to planning, implementing and executing a successful dialler campaign has been updated to incorporate the latest guidelines from Ofcom.


Where does a call end? probably not in the call centre!

Front office call centres have many sophisticated tools to support staff activities and to provide your business with comprehensive real-time and historical management information. Rostrvm Solutions has extended the tools delivered to the call centre to provide support and control to back office operations. rostrvm BackOffice supports recording of work states for ALL staff with


Does your predictive dialler comply with the regulations?

We would be happy to help you to review your predictive dialler to check its compliance to regulations and guidelines. If you would like to take advantage of this service just contact us. Alternatively if you would like to check out your operation yourself we have made the template and guide used by our consultants available



Call centre managers can review the challenges and benefits of task blending to optimise call centre resources in a seminar session at the Professional Planning Forum next week. Ken Reid of Rostrvm Solutions will draw on twenty years industry experience to explain how managers can fine-tune the balance between real-time resource availability and demand across


Why use a predictive dialer?

The heart of any outbound contact management suite is the rostrvm predictive dialler delivering high performance contact with your customers and prospects.  But outbound contact management is not just about high performance. It's about Targeting your campaigns Measuring the business benefits as well as the operational performance  Keeping your promises to call back Fulfilling your 'call me' and web


Rostrvm Solutions’ call centre software has been included in a prestigious list of the Top Ten Call Centre Software vendors

Rostrvm Solutions’ call centre software has been included in a prestigious list of the Top Ten Call Centre Software vendors, produced by leading UK call centre publication Call Centre Helper.   Jonty Pearce, Editor of Call Centre Helper highlighted rostrvm OutBound, a platform independent predictive dialler, as well as Rostrvm Solutions’ ‘wide range of call handling facilities’.  rostrvm call centre software was praised


Predictive dialler planning guide updated in the light of revised Ofcom guidelines

Rostrvm Solutions has updated its guide to planning, implementing and executing a successful outbound campaign to incorporate the latest guidelines from Ofcom. Building an outbound contact campaign – balancing productivity and effectiveness sees Rostrvm apply its extensive industry experience to the issues surrounding outbound calling. The guide steers call centre managers, campaign managers, marketing and sales


Why reduce avoidable contact?

Ask almost anyone if they have made contact with a business that was unnecessary and they will be able to reel off example after example. Avoidable contact is a waste of time, effort and usually money for both consumers and the contact centre. Reducing avoidable contact is common sense. And for government contact centres, measuring


Mystery shopper research highlights failure to facilitate person-to-person contact via the web

A new financial service benchmark report shows the industry is missing out on online sales opportunities by failing to provide online visitors with easy access to human contact. The mystery shopper research, commissioned by Rostrvm Solutions, reveals that while 92% of financial services clearly display a telephone  number, just 14% provide a Call Me Back facility and a tiny 3%


Predictive dialler news…

Barclaycard fined 50,000 pounds ...Ofcom publishes updated guidance There's been lots of news from Ofcom over the past few weeks specifically related to outbound campaigns and predictive diallers. At the end of September Barclaycard was fined 50,000 pounds for for breaching Ofcom's rules on silent and abandoned calls.  And after a wait of several months


Hosted predictive dialler

rostrvm is deployed for hosted call centre delivery Rostrvm Solutions call centre software is designed from the ground up to operate in a virtual call centre environment with location independence. This means that rostrvm can be used both on customers’ premises and in a hosted, pay-for-use deployment.