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Introducing rostrvm 9

Recently the contact centre’s purpose has changed from transactional activity to one where your customers can contact you for a wide range of reasons and through a variety of media.


Blending helps contact centres improve and save

Many organisations, particularly local authorities and others in the public sector, are under pressure to deliver services at a significantly reduced cost, due to spending cuts. Rostrvm Solutions, contact centre software developer, looks at ways to lessen the impact on the customer.


Get the mix and get it right

Successful contact centres are those that have the technology and people to be able to adapt rapidly to changing demands – and that doesn’t have to mean constantly spending more – says Rostrvm Solutions, contact centre software developer.


Blending social media in the call centre

Embracing social media can enhance business. Gaining experience could be the difference between being competitive in 2012 or perhaps losing the race. There are some do’s and don’ts to consider before launching in and here are our top 10…


Telefocus – finalists at Contact Centre Innovations Awards

Telefocus Limited, an outsourced call centre provider of high performance inbound and outbound campaigns, was a finalist at The Contact Centre Innovation Awards 2011. Telefocus utilises the rostrvm CallDirector ACD inbound call handling software and outbound dialler service from Rostrvm Solutions.


Telefocus outsourced call centre case study

Telefocus, part of the Hertfordshire Ltd Group of companies, delivers call centre services to clients in sectors including consumer credit, financial services and the mail order market. Telefocus reviewed its contact management technology in the context of continued business growth and recognising the need for technology that is cost-effective and flexible enough to support organic development


Happy new year

As we slide gently into a new decade we thoguth we would spend our first few posts of the year looking at what has happened in the past year and our view of the key issues in 2010. Looking back... 2009 was an extraordinary year, against the backdrop of recession, the contact centre industry has had to


Financial Services call centre case study, a trading name of Insurance Dialogue Limited (IDL), is an independent intermediary specialising in insurance for people aged 50 and over. To support continued business expansion IDL has deployed SIP based VoIP call centre systems. rostrvm OutBound predictive dialler and campaign management system rostrvm CallGuide Contact Point Management rostrvm CallDirectorACD inbound contact management and contact


Call centre blending for operational efficiency

Contact blending in the call centre increases operational effectiveness allowing call centre agents to handle more contacts in any given period. But what do we mean by ‘blending’? Call centre blending commonly means combining inbound and outbound telephone call activity – typically using ‘spare’ staff capacity to make outbound calls during periods of low inbound call


Complete Call Recording and Handling Application

Rostrvm Solutions has announced a strategic partnership with Red Box Recorders. The companies will work together to provide call centres with call handling and recording applications which maximise efficiency and improve customer service from one totally integrated platform. The unique integration means that Red Box recorders can now replay calls based on campaign information provided by


Bringing call centre discipline to the back office

Most call centres have Management Information for agent activity. But what about people who provide support, and are a large part of the costs, for your business but are not are not on the phones or directly interacting with your customers? Our new application note provides an overview of how rostrvm can bring call centre efficiencies



Call centre managers can review the challenges and benefits of task blending to optimise call centre resources in a seminar session at the Professional Planning Forum next week. Ken Reid of Rostrvm Solutions will draw on twenty years industry experience to explain how managers can fine-tune the balance between real-time resource availability and demand across multiple