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Customer service outside the contact centre

The contact centre has a long history of managing and measuring activity and rostrvm is a leader in providing facilities to support this key aspect of delivering excellent customer service. We know that providing great customer service needs to happen outside the contact centre too. Whilst all contact centres measure performance, many back office operations do


How many people do I need?

A new calculator has been added to the suite of free planning tools for call centres and ‘back office’ tasks available to registered users on the rostrvm web site. 


Putting task management back on the agenda

Is your organisation meeting customer expectations? Are there disparate technologies and processes in your organisation making it difficult to consistently measure tasks life cycles’? Is the lack of management information limiting opportunities to enhance performance?


Contact centre survey highlights opportunities for savings

In a survey carried out by call centre software provider Rostrvm Solutions, over 70% of contact centres relied on back office teams to complete customer transactions, yet nearly half were not measuring operational performance in the back office. Another key finding was that whilst the use of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is increasing, over half of


Latest rostrvm News available now

Topics covered in this issue include: Proposed changes to call centre regulations for predictive diallers Improving call centre and back office efficiency with rostrvm CallGuide and rostrvm BackOffice The current newsletter and our back catalogue are available here.


Change in the contact centre

The contact centre is being bombarded by demands for change from every angle. Drastic changes in the economy have caused everyone to rethink their buying and spending; customers are expecting service faster, better and through a diverse range of media; new regulations continue to be rolled out, affecting how operations are run; and internet technology continues


Beyond the four walls of the call centre

Every business needs to communicate with its customers. Call centres began life as a centralised point for conducting relatively straightforward transactional activities such as  receiving requests for product information, taking orders, reviewing account balances and resolving common service requests. The increasing availability of consumer self service methods such as the internet and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Back office process enhancement

One of the reasons the rostrvm application suite is such a good fit for most call centre and outbound contact management requirements is that we have been listening to our customers for over 20 years and building their ideas in to our new developments and enhancements. In the last 12 months or so we've seen a


Supporting call centre best practice

Rostrvm Solutions is supporting the forthcoming (30th September) Best Practice Seminars run by the Professional Planning Forum. The seminars cover 3 key elements of contact centre planning - Outbound, Back Office and Customer Journey planning. This event give delegates a chance to hear from organisations key to best practice in the industry, participate in interactive workshops,


Bringing call centre discipline to the back office

Most call centres have Management Information for agent activity. But what about people who provide support, and are a large part of the costs, for your business but are not are not on the phones or directly interacting with your customers? Our new application note provides an overview of how rostrvm can bring call centre efficiencies


Where does a call end? probably not in the call centre!

Front office call centres have many sophisticated tools to support staff activities and to provide your business with comprehensive real-time and historical management information. Rostrvm Solutions has extended the tools delivered to the call centre to provide support and control to back office operations. rostrvm BackOffice supports recording of work states for ALL staff with information

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