Avoidable contact

There is an election coming so…

... you could easily have missed a couple of recent decisions that may impact your call centre. Ofcom’s maximum penalty for persistent misuse of an electronic communications network or service is rising from the current £50,000 to £2 million. The higher penalty, which is expected to be in force by June, is mainly aimed at businesses


NI 14 – Measurement of avoidable contact scrapped

Following the UK government's budget last month it has been decided to remove  National Indicator 14 (Avoidable contact: The proportion of customer contact that is of low or no value to the customer). This means that measurement of avoidable contact in government contact centres is no longer mandatory. It seems a little ironic that the UK


Avoidable contact and local government call centres

An opinion piece by Rostrvm Solutions covering NI 14 and avoidable contact in local government call centres has been published by the Association for Public Service Excellence in its 'Direct News' magazine. A soft copy of the article is available here.


Reducing avoidable contact : NI14

We will be presenting our thoughts on NI14 and reducing avoidable contact at the APSE citizen engagement advisory group to be held in Manchester on Monday 19th January. Learn more here


Why reduce avoidable contact?

Ask almost anyone if they have made contact with a business that was unnecessary and they will be able to reel off example after example. Avoidable contact is a waste of time, effort and usually money for both consumers and the contact centre. Reducing avoidable contact is common sense. And for government contact centres, measuring performance

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