Rostrvm Solutions now part of IMImobile

The combined business is now uniquely positioned to target the rapidly growing Contact Centre-as-a-Service (CCaaS) and Digital Customer Service (DCS) markets. CCaaS is projected to be a $20 billion market by 2022, growing at a CAGR of over 25%.


Red Kite Community Housing case study

Red Kite Community Housing, based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, are a tenant-led, not-for-profit, charitable housing association. They now have a blended, multichannel solution. They own and manage more than 6,500 homes in the Wycombe District. Red Kite customers have an important role in making sure that the organisation remains truly tenant-led through everything that they do.


Terry Gray joins our contact centre software team

Rostrvm Solutions is growing fast as more organisations choose to deploy our omnichannel contact centre software. We’re delighted to welcome Terry Gray, who has joined us to help customers optimise their investment in rostrvm and achieve successful business outcomes.


Cloud contact centre – the options

A cloud contact centre will provide the flexibility and scalability to accommodate your changing business requirements. There are a range of deployment approaches available, so ensure you get the best one for you.


Sparkling Next Generation multichannel contact

This festive season use Next Generation multichannel contact software to give your customer service some sparkle. And if your contact centre doesn’t have it but you want some after reading this, you know that song ‘All I Want For Christmas’ … !


Inbound contact – how to avoid the ‘Halloween horrors’

It’ll be Halloween soon but the biggest shock your inbound contact centre could face, just as you’re gearing up for the busy festive season, is adverse weather. The snow of last winter is a reminder to be prepared for all eventualities – and then there may be staff illnesses to cover – here are our top tips.


Quality underpins our hosted contact centre software

Whether you have a hosted contact centre on-site or a cloud contact centre from us, you can rest assured that Quality and Service is at the heart of everything we do. Our auditors agree, awarding us the ISO 9001:2015 certificate which updates our previous ISO accreditation.


Outbound dialler – stay compliant

Our outbound dialler helps businesses stay compliant by ensuring a structured approach to calling. This is vital, especially since the Government has just amended the rules in a fresh crackdown on nuisance calls.


Paul Andrews joins Rostrvm

Rostrvm continues to grow and we’re pleased to welcome Paul Andrews, Business Development Manager, to our talented call handling and contact centre software team.


Rostrvm at CIH Housing 2018

rostrvm contact centre software is being demonstrated at Europe’s largest housing event – CIH Housing 2018 – in Manchester between 26-28 June and we’d love to see you there. You’ll find us on stand B10 on the main floor – do come and say hello. Alternatively contact us at any time for a meeting.


How to stretch contact centre resources

What differentiates rostrvm contact centre software is its FLEXIBILITY. The reason this is important is that a ‘one size fits all’ product may provide a short-term answer but, as soon as your contact centre needs to change something, you’ll wish you had a robust, multi-functional solution.


GDPR and the contact centre – myths and realities

Those four initials G.D.P.R. can’t have escaped your attention as various organisations try to convince you that the onset of the EU’s data protection regulation leads to nightmares in the contact centre and elsewhere. It’s time to calm down, follow best practice and focus on essentials. Ken Reid explains …


SIMPLE multichannel flexibility

With contact centre software, as in life, the straightforward solutions are usually the best. You can have simple multichannel flexibility and still have an intelligent, user-friendly system.


Inbound and outbound contact centre

Using automated technology to reduce the inbound and outbound work load, optimise your contact centre and please customers (and staff) makes absolute business sense but with so many variables involved how can you be sure you’re getting the right solution?


Trust Rostrvm to be what your contact centre needs

The Six Nations rugby and the Olympic Winter Games both kick off this month and sporting fixtures like this rely upon proactive suppliers to bring it all together and keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. The same relationship can be applied to our industry and contact centre software.


Blended contact centre – it’s people and tech

In a blended contact centre it’s about having the information to know when to move people from one task to another to handle peaks in traffic and smooth out potential queues. It’s also about having intelligent contact routing to provide the customer with the best advisor to help.


Everything you ever wanted to know about the cloud contact centre

We are a sponsor of the new version of ‘The Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Centre Solutions’, published by ContactBabel. Out now, the Guide is a major independent analyst report, aimed at providing professionals with the latest analysis and data around current and future cloud contact centre issues and use.


User-friendly contact centre software

We live in a world where, every day, new advances are made in technology to make things better. At Rostrvm, we have a great UK-based R&D team who innovate products to meet the needs of customers and provide them with exciting capabilities in communications. A key part of this is designing software that is user-friendly.


Contact Centre Predictions

As we transition from 2017 to 2018 now’s the time to look at the operational and technology themes that we expect to be at the forefront of contact centre thinking in the coming year. Undoubtedly a big consideration across all areas of technology and customer interaction will be the GDPR but, as stated in the Information


Tips on Desktop optimisation

To reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the customer experience of your contact centre, tackle how your staff use your systems and optimise desktops.


The art of Performance Management

Efficient performance management is the glue that holds your contact centre together; without it you’ll very quickly come unstuck with customers who expect fast results, often on a variety of channels.


How to give great customer service – Outbound

Do you use outbound as a proactive, well-planned service that customers appreciate? Modern diallers can be set using intelligence gained about a contact to Precision dial, reaching them at the right time and reducing your agents’ workload.


How to provide a great customer experience

How do you consistently provide clients with a good experience on their ‘customer journey’? We start a series of blogs on this subject with a look at INTEGRATION of systems and processes. This is the key and without it, everything falls apart and no one is happy. Here are five common issues:


Rostrvm for Collections

rostrvm for Collections is deployed by a wide range of organisations including utilities, local authorities and housing associations. Using proactive contact strategies they are able to meet debt management, customer acquisition and service interactions goals efficiently and more productively.


Welcome to our Reseller and Partner Briefing Sessions

We’ve had an exciting few weeks with our Partners and Resellers, telling them how rostrvm can help to get engaged with new opportunities, drive incremental business and improve margins. Not able to make our sessions? Don’t worry, we are running them again.


Cloud: what’s in it for you?

Many of our customers are enjoying the benefits of poweredbyrostrvm – our cloud service which combines all the flexibility of rostrvm with the agility of cloud. Here’s a quick update on what it could do for your business.


rostrvm with Salesforce CRM

rostrvm can be integrated with Salesforce to get the most out of your customer data with all the enterprise features of our call handling and contact centre software – it’s quick and easy to do using our standard connectors and desktop tools.


We’re in the Top 10 contact centre tech companies

Rostrvm Solutions has been named as one of the Top 10 companies in Call Centre Helper’s ‘Top 10 Contact Centre Technology awards’. Ken Reid, one of our directors, said: ‘To put that into context, if you Google ‘Contact Centre Technology’ you get over 54 million results. Readers of Call Centre Helper have voted for rostrvm as


How to provide great customer experiences using IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has been around for many years now and it can be really valuable support for both customers and the contact centre but the key is to ensure that it’s implemented well, designed around your customers’ needs and supports your specific business aims.


We’re shortlisted for the ‘Top 10 Contact Centre Technology’ awards

We’re pleased to announce that rostrvm is on the shortlist for Call Centre Helper’s 2017 ‘Top 10 Contact Centre Technology’ awards. The awards give recognition to the best products on the market and are voted for by readers of In March their website had 237,174 readers (visitors), so that’s a prestigious number available to vote. 


Getting ahead on performance management

At each month end do you have a detailed record at hand on your contact centre’s performance? Can you make informed decisions about where you need to make changes and improvements? Do you survey customers so that you know what they think? Our rostrvm suite includes performance management facilities so that you can assess every aspect


Adam Cohen – supporting customers in new role

We’re delighted to announce that Adam Cohen has been appointed as a Sales Support Consultant at Rostrvm Solutions. If you’re an existing customer of ours you may well recognise Adam as he started out in the call centre division of Royal Blue as a programmer, before becoming Support Manager at Rostrvm


rostrvm with Skype for Business

Skype for Business provides a powerful, unified communications platform connecting people across disparate locations and multiple media from their PC, phone, browser and tablets. It lets you collaborate with anyone, anywhere. The contact centre is a complex and structured business environment with specific operational and cultural needs and “Skype support” can mean many things.


Rostrvm’s award-winning technology is in the house!

We’ve been using our knowledge and experience gained from over 30 years in the contact centre industry to develop dynamic applications suitable for specific industry needs. If you’re wondering how flexible we are, here’s an example: The social housing sector is now using rostrvm technology to reap big benefits when tackling the seismic changes brought about


30 years, 30 tips

  This year saw rostrvm reach its 30th anniversary. To mark the occasion we’re sharing 30 tips for contact centre success.


Rostrvm welcomes Matt Slaney

Matt Slaney has joined Rostrvm Solutions as a Software Developer. He previously worked in support, testing, development and data migration in a blue-chip company. Matt’s focus at Rostrvm will be the continued development of the rostrvm Manager web application, which is right within his skillset.


How to make Precision Contact

Precision Contact gives you the optimum chance of reaching your customers because you contact them: at the right time – the best time to catch them; with the right message and channel; using the right people – making sure your contact is handled by appropriately-skilled advisors.


Cloud: the business case

The financial benefits The beauty of cloud is that there’s no expensive outlay – and no sizeable maintenance and upgrade costs. The core infrastructure – telephone lines, internet services, servers and network equipment – are provided and managed by the cloud service provider. This reduces significantly the start-up costs and implementation time, so Return on Investment


On-site or Cloud hosted?

Rostrvm is celebrating 30 successful years in the contact centre industry and we’ve been involved with many changes and innovations over that time. The biggest, of course, is the internet and digital-based services such as the Cloud. Following on from our last blog about replacing or upgrading outdated systems, the natural question for contact centres is:


Contact centre horrors

Contact centre agents and their customers hate slow, outdated systems. So why do some contact centres insist on keeping them? Flog a dead horse and you get tired and frustrated but there’s still no way that horse is going to move!


Talk to your people

To solve a contact centre issue talk to the people ‘at the coalface’, who are often the agents/advisors. Sounds obvious but in hectic business environments it doesn’t always happen.



Have you noticed how the contact centre industry uses a lot of jargon and long ways of saying the same thing? We’ve introduced our new blogs – ‘Straight talking’, based on our 30 years’ experience in the field, which tell you briefly what you really need to know to run a successful contact centre operation. We’ll


Tom Nicholls joins Rostrvm Solutions

We’re pleased to announce that Tom Nicholls has joined our sales team as a Business Development Manager. Tom says, “I’m delighted to be working at Rostrvm because we have products which are truly flexible to suit the needs of the customer. rostrvm can be implemented on site or in the cloud and its products are modular


Rostrvm Solutions’ cloud contact centre service on G-Cloud

The robust rostrvm Cloud Contact Centre Service from Rostrvm Solutions is now available on the Digital Marketplace, through the government’s G-Cloud framework. You can find it in the Software as a Service (SaaS) category. Rostrvm Solutions’ software has been used successfully by household names in the private and public sector for many years. The beauty of


Rostrvm Solutions joins The Rent and Income Excellence Network

We are pleased to announce that Rostrvm Solutions is now a member of the Housing Quality Network – Rent and Income Excellence Network. (RIEN) RIEN support income management and rent collection practitioners in the social housing sector. We are delighted to support RIEN and their members by sharing our ideas for best practice on income management,


Meeting contact targets with IVM

Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) – One of the central challenges for outbound campaigns is making contact with your audience at a time that suits them. We’ve added an Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) module to the rostrvm Outbound suite. IVM complements live agent contact strategies – such as predictive dialler campaigns – with an automated message inviting


See us @ IT in Housing

We’re at the IT in Housing Exhibition for those involved in the provision of social housing. You’ll be able to learn about rostrvm for Housing, our proactive contact solution specifically for the Housing sector to address the financial challenges created by Universal Credit (UC) and Welfare Reform.


Omnichannel contact recording

The importance of recording telephone calls for compliance and quality monitoring purposes is well understood. But in today’s multichannel contact centre a ‘conversation’ can meander from one medium to another – web chat to email to telephone call and back again, making it harder to record. We’ve enhanced our recording system rostrvm AuditLog to capture  contact

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