Customer Service HubThis month, Oscar Rickett of The Guardian wrote an article which suggested that: ‘Customer service is becoming more Kafkaesque by the day, with rounds of Muzak, the endless repeating of your name, address, birth date and maybe name of a childhood pet, the name of the street you grew up on …’ It rightly stated that this leaves people feeling somewhat frustrated.

He also correctly summarised that it’s usually not really the fault of the advisors manning the phones! In our last ‘EXPO’ blog we looked at how some successful contact centres prevent this scenario by providing a single view of the customer to their advisors and making better use of the phone.

A well programmed ACD, for example, can be essential to saving customers from ‘repeat street’, as are links to CRM or similar.

Seasonal preparations are also key to providing excellent customer service and, with the winter ahead, it’s time to ensure contingency plans are ready to cope. Adverse weather conditions, possible increased staff illness, or any other threat to the smooth-running of the contact centre should be considered. Putting functionality in your contact centre, which offers callers the opportunity to leave their number and be called back if there are queues to get through, for example, will improve customer service.

At EXPO, Stu Booy, Head of Contact Centre Operations at Monarch Travel Group gave a great example of how his business was able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances like ash clouds and weather events by using highly accurate real time and historical reporting, to plan resources.

These types of systems and procedures can make the difference between a bad experience and a good one for your customers. If you need further ideas or help please talk to us.