Providing scripts to your contact centre team to base their conversations with customers around can really boost their performance in a variety of situations and ensure compliance – and not just during training.

Scripts can also help to achieve higher first call resolution rates; a  well-informed customer service advisor who is confident about how to handle a call because all the key elements are in their script is likely to make the customers’ experience more positive and resolve the interaction faster.

Our CallGuide scripting app is much more than simply presenting scripts to your team though. The tools that contact centre advisors need are often less about dealing with the mechanics of transactions and much more about maintaining good relationships using all the available information, no matter where that data is held.

CallGuide supports your call handling process through prompts and desktop application integration too. It can consolidate multiple back-end business systems, speed up call handling and lower operational costs.

Personalise scripts for teams and individual advisors

Unlike standalone scripting, CallGuide can be integrated with our inbound and outbound call routing apps, as well as the rostrvm management information system, so that calls will be routed to specific  advisors and therefore scripts can be personalised. Advisors can also modify scripts using user-friendly “drag and drop”. The ability to alter scripts easily also enables you to keep up with changes in regulations and compliance issues.

Dynamically route transactions based on user responses, real-time activity and external data

Easily configurable CallGuide uses data integration tools to provide context-sensitive scripts based upon telephony data and contact details such as email address and business information, to guide the team through every step of each call.

Integrate with multiple desktop applications

As CallGuide can be integrated with other desktop applications advisors are presented with less screens and processes to go through to get to the data they need to resolve the call. This helps them do their job better, faster and with confidence.

View real-time and historical reports to measure success

To check what is happening on your calls and how scripts are being received by customers, generate business-outcome management information to complement your operational performance statistics. Then use the results to modify your scripts if necessary.