Rostrvm Solutions provides free, direct support to consultants working in the contact centre space. Call centres are central to many organisations’ customer communication strategies. Call centre users increasingly turn to consultants for advice on deploying technologies and services to enhance the customer experience and optimise cost.

But call centres are becoming increasingly complex; it can be difficult for consultants to be sure they have sufficient in-depth information to give their clients best advice. In addition to the call centre capacity planning tools for predictive diallers, ACDs and contact blending we freely offer the benefit of our advice to business consultants.

Wait a minute ! Don’t you have your own consulting service?

We do have our own business consulting service, but our main business is designing developing and supporting call centre software. As a privately held company we maintain a strong culture of independence which is increasingly rare in our market sector We see our independence as a major benefit to our customers and partners – it guarantees the openness of our technology and the objectiveness of our approach and advice.

Our Consultant Support service benefits consultants by delivering easy access to specific guidance from our experienced advisors. We benefit by gaining early insight to the practical issues facing call centre users.

Call us… you have nothing to lose

Getting our advice is easy. Just contact us and we will appoint one of our experienced consultants to work directly with you. Give us a call … you have nothing to lose and lots to gain.