Contact centres are facing increasing pressure to provide excellent customer service but keep the length of calls viable at the same time. Contractor Accountant Brookson has achieved this by implementing scripting tools from Rostrvm Solutions on the agent’s desktop, to support them with individual calls. Furthermore, Brookson has greater flexibility in the way it pays for services such as this.

Brookson, a leading provider of accountancy, tax advice and support services to freelance contractors and self-employed professionals, is utilising advanced contact centre technology from Rostrvm Solutions to communicate with potential customers. It combines Brookson’s interactive web site, electronic marketing and the telephone with automated outbound calling and inbound call handling in its sales contact centre in Warrington.

The rostrvm technology has been implemented after the success of a ‘proof-of-concept’ trial using Opal Telecom’s hosted call centre service. Brookson has a tailor-made system which integrates with its CRM and includes screen popping and blended calling of inbound/outbound contact.

In addition, Brookson purchased the software on a subscription ‘pay as you go’ basis, which allows it to pay purely for what its uses but with the advantage that, at the end of an agreed period of time, it owns the licences.

Andy Sloan, Head of New Business at Brookson, says, “Installing Rostrvm’s software has improved productivity because dialling out/receiving calls is all automatic whereas, before, it had to be done manually. It has given us more control because outbound dialling is managed centrally rather than individually now and activities can be monitored more effectively. The whole experience has improved because our agents can immediately access customer details, to speak knowledgeably about their particular case. Not only that but Brookson can combine live chat on the web with the contact centre so we are able to interact with a prospective customer who is browsing on the internet and transfer that onto a Rostrvm record and phone them back straight away.”

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