Blended contact centreIn a blended contact centre it’s about having the information to know when to move people from one task to another to handle peaks in traffic and smooth out potential queues. It’s also about having intelligent contact routing to provide the customer with the best advisor to help.

These are perfect examples of where the people and the technology together make the customer experience better – because there’s no point in moving an advisor to another task if they’re not confident in using the technology to do it.

Blended contact centre software

Technology has to be incredibly flexible and robust these days to provide multichannel support, which is affordable, scalable and future-proof. To be a cut above the others, however, staff should know how to get the best out of this tech – and it helps enormously if their apps are user-friendly and responsive.

You might be surprised that few blended contact centre software suppliers can actually deliver a simple solution that works with existing infrastructure and is tailored to the differing requirements of each contact centre.

rostrvm technology succeeds because it’s all of these things and is easy to use, thanks to our highly skilled and experienced people in the research, engineering and development teams. They are wizards at innovation, tempered by a healthy dose of realism. This is the result of years of experience in the industry and from talking to our customers.

So when we work with you, we really listen to your contact centre requirements, consult with you on any technical issues, carry out pilot testing and identify any further needs to create a solution that will take you and your business forward.

Trust Rostrvm – we never forget that your customers’ experiences are linked to your experience of our software. And as customers become even more picky about which businesses they deal with, this is more important than ever.