Every business needs to communicate with its customers. Call centres began life as a centralised point for conducting relatively straightforward transactional activities such as  receiving requests for product information, taking orders, reviewing account balances and resolving common service requests.

The increasing availability of consumer self service methods such as the internet and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems means that increasingly basic activities never reach a call centre agent. In turn this transition means that the calls that are delivered to the call centre are more complex and demand more in-depth skills from the agents. The knock on effect is that your customer’s call may require very specific skills to deliver an effective answer.

In ‘traditional’ call centres, customer service staff would be entirely focussed upon dealing with customer contacts. In the new environment the specialists who deal with complex customer enquiries often have multi-faceted job roles; handling customer enquiries is just one task in a busy day.

To revolutionise customer service the enterprise needs to capture, manage and measure all available resources to support contact handling, the sales office, the back office, and even staff out in the field.

The latest rostrvm release delivers the tools to bring the disciplines and technologies available in the formal call centre to this informal enterprise-wide contact management environment.

Skills based routing to deliver telephone calls to the right place at the right time

Ensuring that emails are passed to the team that can properly respond

Responding to web enquiries

Support tools including process scripts

Managing and monitoring performance – how well are we servicing our customers? How many sales do we make? Who makes the sales? Who is answering queries most effectively?

Keeping your promises to get back to customers