Multichannel - Rotrvm SolutionsIntegrated, multichannel blending in your contact centre can increase agent productivity, streamline staffing and improve customer service when the right advisors are switched to different tasks at the right time.

As research in the latest Rostrvm-sponsored ‘Inner Circle Guide to outbound and call blending’ shows, however, there are still many who aren’t using blending to full advantage.

The Guide showed that only 12% of UK contact centres surveyed operated a structured blended environment, where agents are moved seamlessly and dynamically between inbound and outbound. Smaller enterprises still tended to blend on a manual, ad-hoc basis – and their average speed to answer was significantly slower.

Call blending is typically used in two ways:

  • Blending customer contact by direction – for example increasing outbound calling when inbound traffic is low, to ensure that agents are always active.
  • Blending different communication channels – such as combining telephone activity with handling emails, text messages and social media.

But you do need to consider your audience; simply increasing outbound calling when inbound traffic is low will enhance agent productivity but won’t result in successful contact if you’re calling at the wrong time. Usually, the best time to make outbound contact with your target is the same time as your inbound call peaks – something to consider when resourcing!

The most effective blending is achieved with a mix of contact channels. For example, during an inbound call volume trough, send text messages or emails to attract more inbound calls. At the same time ensure that your dialler campaigns are targeting the right audience, such as segmenting your audience towards retired people during the day.

Above all, integrate your multichannel blending rather than working in silos, to achieve consistent high levels of customer service – and a happy contact centre.

For more details and ideas, download the Rostrvm-sponsored “Inner Circle Guide to Outbound & Call Blending” here. It’s FREE! Published by ContactBabel, the guide contains over 100 pages of helpful insight and advice on outbound operations, predictive dialling and call blending.

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