rostrvm for Housing TechnologyWe’ve been using our knowledge and experience gained from over 30 years in the contact centre industry to develop dynamic applications suitable for specific industry needs. If you’re wondering how flexible we are, here’s an example:

The social housing sector is now using rostrvm technology to reap big benefits when tackling the seismic changes brought about by welfare reform and the introduction of Universal Credit.

Effective communications with tenants and efficient working practices have never been more important for housing associations and social landlords since the responsibility for rent payment was put into the tenant’s hands rather than theirs. The potential for increases in costs in order to chase mounting rent arrears, for example, is huge.

Midland Heart was one company which wanted to ensure customers were communicated with well and so they implemented rostrvm for Housing. They use an outbound dialling system to automate and increase contact with customers by phone and text message.

Midland Heart has recently won the ‘Most Innovative Housing IT System’ category at this year’s Housing Innovation awards for the proactive rostrvm for Housing technology.

Gary Hardy, Director of Housing Operations at Midland Heart, said: “The dialler system has changed our day-to-day operations and approach to customer contact with a 300% rise in contact since project launch.”

As well as rent arrears, rostrvm for Housing helps achieve results in areas such as Rent Collection, Appointment Management, Process Management, Customer Service and Management Information.

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