AI is transforming the way we live. We’re providing AI solutions for the self-service contact centre, automating operations and enabling customers to complete interactions fast and easily.

Considerations for the self-service contact centre

Transformational technology teamed with humans, working together, produce astonishing synergy. In the self-service contact centre, know how to harness the strengths of both.

AI and self-service contact centre


Why? Well, you may have had that situation where a bot has only got so far with a customer online before its lack of knowledge has caused problems. Then you have an irritated customer on the phone to you who doesn’t want to have to go through everything again to resolve their issue.

Self-service presents specific challenges.

In the contact centre generally AI provides amazing results, for example, our next generation tech helps reduce errors and contact time by providing the right information to the advisor at the right time; it makes scripts pop up on their screen to support compliance; it ensures security of information by automating payment processes at the right moment. It also enables flexible working, like being able to set up at home and still access all systems.

This kind of AI provides many benefits as you can see and some of this can be transferred over to self-service. When there are complex issues to be resolved however, humans understand the nuances and context of a conversation far better than any bot can. Human customer service skills will bring a rounded view to a situation and advisors will be able to understand the customer’s viewpoint. The golden rule has to be ‘always make it easy for customers to talk to a human advisor’.

Overall, a human conversation builds relationships and is helpful for engendering the trust of your customers and loyalty to the brand.

So, before implementing self-service options in your contact centre, do your research thoroughly and ensure it benefits your customers as well as you. Always match the services you offer to the profile of your customer base.

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