Affinion International, part of the Affinion Group, helps its clients to build revenue and loyalty from their customer base. Affinion provides marketing solutions for some of the world’s largest financial institutions, insurance companies, utility suppliers and others, from direct mail and telephone marketing, to the internet and every channel in between.

call centre software - outbound case study - Affinion

Affinion International utilises a range of Rostrvm products to ensure its clients’ brands and benefits are marketed effectively, including:

  • rostrvm Outbound – a platform independent predictive dialler, which supports structured, automated outbound contact
  • rostrvm CallGuide on the desktop, with full scripting tools and process management functions, to support agents through different types of calls
  • rostrvm SuperVisor plasma wallboards to display team performance figures & other useful information
  • rostrvm’s information/analysis tools for managers
  • rostrvm AuditLog voice recorder facility

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