What is that ‘V’ about?

One of the first questions we get asked by new friends is “What’s that v all about?”. So here’s a quick lesson on how to pronounce ‘rostrvm’ …

It’s quite easy the v is pronounced as a u so rostrvm is pronounced rostrum.

Why did we choose rostrvm instead of rostrum?

There is a good scholarly reason behind our affectation. In Roman times, and until relatively recently, the letter we commonly write as u was written as a v so rostrum would naturally have been written as rostrvm. If you are having trouble believing this just think about the letter w….. it is two vs stuck together but it’s called double u.

There must be more to it….

OK, so the Roman alphabet is an explanation, but the more prosaic answer is that it’s a lot easier to trademark rostrvm than it would be to trademark rostrum!

But why choose rostrum in the first place?

Our contact management software brings together call centre technology and back office IT resources to route and manage transactions  into and out of your business. It also directs your other contact centre traffic and cooperates with your IT and CRM software.

The conductor of an orchestra brings together the musicians and instruments to create harmonious music. The platform that a conductor stands upon is called a rostrum. As a result we chose rostrum (or rostrvm) as a name to illustrate a  platform supporting harmonious transaction management  – from simple inbound call routing to the most sophisticated predictive dialler …

… or should that be predictive dialer? and should call centre be call center? and what about contact centre or contact center?