Rostrvm Solutions responds with rostrvm CallGuide, an integrated agent support application.

Recent independent research commissioned by Siemens Enterprise Communications highlighted the drain on agent productivity caused by increasingly complex administration tasks in the call centre; on average agents spend 71% of their time entering data, making notes, seeking advice and reading from information screens.

Equally alarming for businesses that operate a call centre, the research showed that agents are using five separate applications on average to deal with a call and 61% of agents said that better systems for managing calls would provide the most positive improvement.

Announcing the launch of the latest version of rostrvm CallGuide, Ken Reid of Rostrvm Solutions says this research should act as a rallying call for the contact centre industry to provide agents with the support tools they need to respond to the changing demands of the 21st century contact centre: “In today’s call centre environment agents are dealing with a far higher proportion of complex enquiries and they need a more sophisticated tool to support the call handling process. To put it simply, there is no need for agents to manage five screens to deal with a single call.

“Our latest version of rostrvm CallGuide is designed to integrate with multiple desktop applications to provide agents with all the information they need in a single screen. But it also does more much than that; it helps call centres handle more calls with a higher proportion of positive business outcomes.

“Already used by award-winning call centres such as EDF Energy, CallGuide’s range of sophisticated capabilities has the potential to transform the 21st century contact centre.” rostrvm CallGuide offers a number of innovative features to improve agent productivity by streamlining the call handling process:

  • Unlike standalone scripting systems, rostrvm CallGuide integrates with multiple desktop applications so agents are served with all the information they need via a single screen;
  • CallGuide automatically generates context sensitive scripts, using telephony and business data, to guide agents through the call with the right information at the right stage in the customer dialogue;
  • Agents only need enter customer data once; CallGuide will automatically populate all the relevant applications with the information;
  • CallGuide generates management information based on business outcomes as well as call handling data; in this way managers can get a clear picture of the effectiveness of calls and refine processes in the call centre to improve business outcomes;
  • CallGuide also empowers call centre managers to personalise scripts for teams and individual agents to support champion-challenger processes and to dynamically route the call process through user selection and external data.

Ken Reid concludes: “rostrvm CallGuide really is an incredibly refined tool and it is also easy-to-use. It offers the potential to transform call centres by focusing on business outcomes rather than traditional call centre metrics alone and has ready helped customers such as EDF Energy to win awards.

With agents across the industry spending the majority of their time on administrative tasks, surely it is time to adopt tools such as CallGuide?”