Get the job done well by putting into place these 6 best practices for engaging with customers at every stage of their contact with your inbound call  centre.

Top 6 best practices for an inbound call centre

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This sounds obvious but keep it simple – people often ask ‘what is an inbound call centre?’ and that should be your clue! Here are 6 best practices …

1. Don’t hit customers with complicated IVR menus. They want to get to the solution fast so give them meaningful options to press.
2. Next, use Intelligent routing to match the caller’s issue to the right source of help, for first-time call resolution. Offer in-queue options like call-back to help improve wait times during peak hours.
3. Ensure advisors have the right information at the right time when answering an inbound call. To ensure compliance and improve confidence, provide a simple script of key points to cover. Integrate channels and optimise desktops so that a screen pop gives the advisor a single view of the customer’s record. Then they can’t make errors because they’re switching between piecemeal apps and they’ll provide a seamless, faster service.
4. Manage performance efficiently by using real-time and historical metrics to monitor operations and make informed adjustments when needed. Utilise blending and move advisors to different tasks if they’re not busy, to optimise resources. Revisit your Key Performance Indicators on a regular basis and update them as your call centre goals change.
5. Get the job done by giving inbound callers the option to channel shift and self-serve online where appropriate. You could reduce inbound queues by playing messages which provide callers with your website details, where they’ll find answers or a Web Chat option.
6. Lastly, use call and screen recording to share examples of best practice with colleagues. It’s much easier to listen to/see good performance in action than just have it described in a training manual.

The results will be an efficient inbound call centre with empowered staff and satisfied customers.

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